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December 30, 2010, 4:36 pm
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That Lori Greenberg sent me a box of beads!

They came from Lori Greenberg, Chris Mode, Lisa Reddick, Patty Lankinsmith, Shani and Beau Barrett, Margaret Zinser, Penny Dickenson, Andrea Bell and Nancy (she made the boobie bead). I know I know her last name but I can’t pull it out of my head. Tell me what it is and I’ll write it here!

So, because I had a box of beads for fuel, I got out of the house and to the store to thank everyone. THANKS EVERYONE! I think this is the nicest thing of the year. The beads are super cool:

Margaret Zinser and Nancy.

Penny Dickenson, Andrea Bell, Patty Lankinsmith, Shani Barrett (set). Patty Lankinsmith, the photo does not do the mouth bead justice. That is an extremely strange and inspiring pendant. It makes my eyes happy.

Beau Barrett, Lori Greenberg, Chris Mode, Margaret Zinser and…

Lisa Reddick!

I don’t even know what to say, you guys. I have waves of love for all of you.  I can definitely incorporate some of these into my tumor necklace project. Thanks for thinking of me!


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Wow! What a day brightener!!!!!

Comment by Mallory

It sure was. People are awesome!

Comment by cathylybarger

What a great surprise! I especially love the Margaret Zinser bead.

Comment by Mary

Hey, Mare
They are all great but that bug bead is a prize. Gonna make something out of that–non tumor related, most likely.

Comment by cathylybarger

you are the tuffest, most remarkable, most loveable person I know. you make me want to learn art glass lamp work just so I can send you a bead. Happy New Year to my aard from your pal jean — I think about you every day.

looking good, aard. !!!

sorry about the ankle. totally understand the three unrelated items however. That sort of thinking is what gets me through the day here. as Jim has always said since he was a kid, with one of his bros: “man running, stick of butter”. you heard it here first. we don’t know what the heck it means but it is a definite family saying! xox!!!!! Happy New Year! Here is to you!

Comment by Jean

Hi Jean
Happy New Year to you too! “Man running, stick of butter” is kind of a phrase that suggests itself. I’ll add it to the band name wall in the kitchen. Bob Foster will like that.
Waves of love,

Comment by cathylybarger

Bob…the other man in my life…remember when you two made me an Abe Lincoln tile? It is so awesome!
Jim can handle Bob, the other man. We had Bob my dad, and have Robert our kid, a nephew named Bob, a grandson named Robby and a kid with as middle name of Robert, all due to my dad. It is a plethora of BOBS — all hail to the name Bob! My dad wore it in script on his shirt pockets and was often mistaken for a gas station attendant.

Comment by Jean

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