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I was just thinking
December 29, 2010, 3:59 pm
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Actually, I was thinking this the other day. I haven’t thought of much since so I’m just going to throw it out there. Sometimes I’m really cold when I wake up in the morning so I’ll grab some activities and repair to the upstairs bathroom where I can sit in front of the space heater and read or watch T-bone. Anyway, this particular day I was trying to transport three things up the stairs while crawling on my hands and knees. The things were a glass of milk, a banana and a clean pair of sweatpants. (In retrospect, I must have liked the challenge of bringing breakfast upstairs–otherwise I’m not sure why I didn’t just drink the milk and eat the banana downstairs-it would have been much easier.) Anyway, as I was making my way up stair by stair, placing the milk, the sweatpants and the banana on each stair before me, I started thinking about that brain teaser about the guy who had to cross a river with a lion, a sheep and a bag of grain- or maybe it was a dog, a cat and a mouse…it was three things that could eat each other, and that was the problem. So the guy had to figure out how to all the items from A to B without leaving unattended any two things that could eat each other. Because if two were in the boat at the same time or on the shore at the same time, there would be trouble, see? Anyway, long story short, I was glad that all my items had no interest in one another because I didn’t want to make three trips up the stairs. I think I was taking steroids then. Steroids are probably still my favorite part of this whole thing.

(If you’re familiar with that brain teaser that story will be funnier. I’m not going to explain the whole thing to you. You could probably Google it.)

SO, I’m out the house today. Look at me! I had to come to the shop to meet with someone from the city about my water meter which fell off or got injured or something. I’m trying to think of something I care less about than my water meter but I can’t. Everything matters more than the water meter, I’ve decided. I use about three dollars worth of water every six months-I would easily pay them five dollars to just look the other way. I bet they’d rather not deal with it either.

But the important thing is I’m out of the house. I’ve been there since the 24th trying to keep off the ankle. FYI: I don’t check the computer much when I’m at home partly because I don’t like typing on the laptop and also because at home the TV mesmerizes me. I find something something about the flawless skin and the ostentatious jewelry worn by the CNN reporters captivating. I can’t look away. Staying at home is beyond boring but I’m pretty fixed on healing my bone and getting the hard cast off on Jan. 17. My cast cracked and I had to get it reinforced on Monday. I feel like I should really stop screwing around now because if it cracks again I’m going to get on some kind of a list and maybe next time the service won’t be so friendly. So I might be home for a few days. I’ll let you know.


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Do what you gotta do to mend them bones, or bone. Them bones, them bones, them dry bones. It sucks having to stay home, unless you are set up to work at home. Do you get HBO? I’ve been watching “True Blood,” which is about vampires taking over New Orleans, or something. It’s awful and absurd, but ocassionally just funny enough to make me come back for more. This vampire king knocks off an anchor man, on air, and, speaking into the camera, says something like, “And I’m going to kill all your children and eat them….And now, the weather.” Maybe watching T-Bone is a better idea.

Comment by Nancy Levine

I actually watch True Blood with T-Bone.Best of both worlds, I say. T-Bone agrees that the anchorman scene was classic. He also thinks it wouldn’t kill any of the writers to have an episode where someone shape-shifts into a hedgehog that sings Billie Holiday’s “In My Solitude”. That would amply make up for all of the fairy nonsense they threw in at the end of last season.

The ankle is going to be reviewed in 9 days. The cast might come off then or it might stay on or I might get a different one. I have no idea what to expect. I hoping for no more cast. Hope with me!

Comment by cathylybarger

You either need a marsupial pouch in which to stuff the many items or a back pack!

Comment by robs

My entire life I have suffered from a frontal emptiness from the lack of a marsupial pouch. One really would come in handy now.

Comment by cathylybarger

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