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Guess what happened?
December 10, 2010, 1:15 pm
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I broke my ankle jumping on a trampoline on Sunday. And, no, I wasn’t drinking at the time (thank goodness). For exercising purposes, my friend Mary gave me one of those household size trampolines when I started chemo. Oh how I loved jumping on that thing. It just made me happy. Say, that reminds me–this guy who used to cut my hair, Jerry, had a mini-trampoline that he also loved and talked about frequently. He thought jumping on it made his hair grow. Jerry thought a lot of things which made him, in my opinion, a very lively conversationalist and an interesting barber. I wish he was still around to discuss hair growth vis a vie trampoline jumping because I’ve been having some surprise hair growth lately, too, and have been wondering why. On Sunday night we  banished our trampoline to the back porch so now, if my hair stops growing, we will know that Jerry theory was right. I really want to let him know one way or the other. What’s more delicious than proving a long-thought crackpot theory? Not much.

But back to the story, we had to call an ambulance to scoop me up not because I was in a lot of pain but because I wasn’t in a lot of pain and I wanted to stay that way. I also thought I would throw up and crap my pants at the same time if I tried to get up. So when the paramedics, of which there were many, came into the house they saw a 43 year old bald woman laying on the floor sandwiched between a trampoline and a giant shoe chair. Behind me was a desk covered with prescription pill bottles. “Guess what happened?” I asked the first paramedic. “I didn’t expect to see this,” he said. He meant that when they got the call he thought someone slipped on the ice. I thought he was talking about the house, generally, which is also unexpected.

So my ankle bone (fibula, I think) is broken right across the ankle part. It does not need surgery but it will probably be in a cast for two months. I’m on crutches now, which sucks. You can’t carry anything around with you on crutches unless you can fit it in your mouth or bat it along the floor with your crutch, so I’ve been eating whatever I can purvey from kitchen to living room-like tins of smoked oysters and bottles of Gatorade. When I get rides to and fro the store is still open, by gum. So not much has changed. Except no more trampoline jumping. That’s probably the worst part.


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No more monkeys jumping on the bed oops trampoline!

Comment by Robin

We removed the monkeys LONG AGO. They weren’t pulling their weight and they detracted attention away from the more important animals in the house.

I loved my trampoline so much I was going to recommend one to Dean–glad I didn’t!

Comment by cathylybarger

Oh, my, sorry about the broken bone!!! Take care of yourself!

Comment by Mallory

Thanks Mallory! Things are going well so far.

Comment by cathylybarger

Well, Dang it, Cathy–
now you will probably be growing a lot of leg hair due to the cast–you can check that theory by not shaving the other leg….

Comment by Suzy Hoff

What is this “shaving” you speak of? Sounds like some kind of grooming to me.

Comment by cathylybarger

Well, here in the south, leg and armpit shaving seems to be mandatory. I’ve tried to explain that I’m exempt from all of that because I’m from Madison and then I see the “Carpetbagger” thought clouds looming over peoples’ heads…
then I try to explain that Bob Dylan was quoted as saying he liked women with hairy legs and that doesn’t get me anywhere either.
Hope you get outta that cast soon–

Comment by Suzy Hoff

Well shoot. They don’t make seat belts or air bags for trampolines, do they? Speedy recovery!

Comment by Liz P

Geez. Get healed!
But … crutches can be fun. Learning to walk using no feet, great upper-body exercise …
And really entertaining crutching around on icy sidewalks. Even I managed to stay upright, so you should be able to.
Air bags for trampolines. Design them right, and you won’t need the trampoline, just the air bags. Hoards of people bouncing around Art in the Square, enveloped in their personal transportation air bags.

Comment by phil

You remind me of my youngest sister (now fifty). When she was four years old and had the flu, we’d ask her,
“How do you feel, kid?” And she say, “I feel better when I have a cold then when I don’t have a cold.” Love the pictures. Sorry about the non-trampoline thingy. Hang in there, kid. You’ll be wall-climbing in no time.

Comment by Nancy Levine

you look so cute.! Hope it doesn’t hurt too much!!! xox jean

Comment by Jean

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