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December 4, 2010, 2:46 pm
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I had my third chemo treatment this week. It went ok at first but I was more nauseous than usual so I took more nausea drugs. And you know, people talk about chemo dulling your cognitive functions but I think it’s the nausea drugs that do it. They get their whammy by suppressing dopamine  or serotonin because serotonin and dopamine can cause nausea. That’s a bitch, isn’t it? The chemicals that make your brain work also cause nausea. Which to choose?Anyway, I took some extra pills this week and felt a little chemically restrained. I missed work on Thursday and had a dream that there was a black dog living under the couch that I sleep on. I wanted to trap the dog and bring him onto David Letterman, but then I realized that the trip would be pointless because the dog didn’t know any tricks. My dreams are also chemically restrained.

I did pull my head out and made some necklaces this week out of pendants that I bought from Phil and Veda Bickley. You should have seen me make that thing. My decision making abilities are super impaired. You’d think I was deciding who lives or dies instead of which beads to use. I’m putting it up on Etsy. Talk to you later.


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I want whatever you’re having. That necklace is gorgeous.

Comment by Nancy Levine

Hey Cathy,
that’s some kind of necklace! Those chemicals can’t suppress your creativity!
I didn’t know that serotonin/dopamine could cause nausea–you are learning a lot during all of this and not being passive and that’s a good sign.
May the passage of time for this go quickly–

Comment by Suzy Hoff

Yeah, be careful with the anti-nausea stuff. One of the best over-the-counter sea-sickness meds was a scopolamine patch. Worked great.
Also an antipsychotic, one of whose side effects was psychosis.
Gotta love that.

Comment by phil

This is gorgeous! If I wasnt broke I’d totally nab that. Amazing work!

Comment by Nikkipook

Thanks Nikki! Thanks guys!
@Phil one of my anti-nausea drugs, prochlorperazine, an anti-psychotic, treats nausea and schitzophrenia. Look up your anti-nausea drugs before you take them-that one knocked me on my ass. Zolfran is a true miracle anti-nausea drug with few side effects. I’m sticking with that one from now on.

Comment by cathylybarger

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