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Happy Turkey
November 27, 2010, 11:26 am
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I ambushed my brother with the camera when he made a rare appearance at our house last night. Mike is great. He’s a mechanic who’s dealership did not close during the big GM sweep. He’s a truly useful and sought-after human being. Anyway, his job is less fun than mine but work is a lot more regular. I don’t think he will ever outgrow the urge to give the camera the finger when he’s having his picture taken. Lovable Mike. Oh, and he did know the guy who shot his television. Funny thing: I only listen to first sentences in news reports so I didn’t realize there was a 15 hour stand off between police and the individual. That is news.

Anyhoozle, the whole reason I’m documenting my baldness and my brother’s presence in our house is because I wanted to show off the brain slug headbands I bought on Etsy. So quit looking at my head and look at the brain slug. They come from the House of Pook. Here’s one now. The slugs are crocheted and pretty rigid and the band fits well on your head. Make a great New Year’s hat. Frankly, Futurama fan or not, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want one of  these. I bought three for the store or for surprise gift-giving. I haven’t decided which yet. So that’s my holiday gift pick so far. Go get one-that Nikki is a nice gal.


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I don’t know if you are going to believe this (people probably say it all the time), but you do look great. Like Sinead O’Connor and Ellen Ripley in “Alien.” Not everyone can do “bald.” But you can. It’s looks sort of like a political statement, right? Thanks for the pix,

Comment by Nancy Levine

I’m not a huge fan of the bald, but thanks for the kind words. Here’s some information about chemo and hair, which is interesting to me: About 16 days after your loading dose your hair pulls out really easily, more and more every day. That’s kind of neat, actually, but the bad part is your scalp hurts kind of a lot when you put a hat on it or when the wind blows your hair around.It’s not the hair coming out that hurts, it’s just your scalp. It feels like someone hit you in the head. I shaved on day 23 and for a while after that the stubble kept falling out but my head felt better.
I’m getting my third dose (7th week)on Monday and the hair that I have has anchored itself and appears to be growing s little. My blood cells are dying off like crazy this week but the hair loss might be done? I don’t know. I’m taking Folic Acid for anemia and it isn’t helping that at all but it might be helping the hair. My nails are growing fast too.
I’ve read in forums that your hair grows back during TCH treatments.I didn’t know that before, did you? I guess that’s what’s happening, or maybe it will fall out again. It sure is itchy, whatever is going on up there.

Comment by cathylybarger

I forgot to mention the piece de resistance: the slug hats. The two of you presenting one set of eyeballs–that’s alien.

Comment by Nancy Levine

OK, I remember the picture, and I remember giving the finger, but I do not remember someone attaching a brain slug to my head.

I felt like shit Friday morning. Now I know why… it was the slug. The slug caused me to be late for work Friday morning, not the weird Chinese liquor you fed me. I’ll show this picture to my boss.


Comment by Cathy's bro

That was a great time. And you totally gave me permission to use that picture. And we don’t feed anyone that Chinese liquor…at least not anymore.

Comment by cathylybarger

Oh, and thanks for explaining the tooth thing, I’m kind of sensitive about my missing front tooth.

People draw conclusions about people missing front teeth:
1. The person likes to get into fights.
2. The person cannot afford to fix his teeth.
3. The person is from Iowa County, lives on the river, and plays the banjo.

None of these describes me. In fact I lost the tooth in 1982 as an 18-year old, doing whippets. Never do whippets standing up.

Comment by Cathy's bro

I thought you’d be way more sensitive about the whippit part. That’s why I left that out.

PS: Happy birthday, Man! Love you!

Comment by cathylybarger

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