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November 19, 2010, 4:01 pm
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On Wednesday I went to the store to await my fire re-inspection at the shop. There are issues with how my display cases are plugged in. The cords are in a spot where people can step on them, is the problem. It’s a legit complaint that gets noticed once every 5 years or so and then not again for a while. I bought a new power strip with a long cord that could weave circuitously along a harmless, traffic-free path and plug right into the wall like it’s supposed to, but then I discovered the wall outlet is not grounded so I can’t use it. It was at that moment that my interest in solving this issue ended and my interest in avoiding the fire inspector began. I remember it like it was last month. Then on Tuesday, the fire inspector called me at home wondering where I was. That’s something that has never happened to me, or, as far as I know, any other human being before. It’s not like I was actively hiding–I was just going home early some days. ANYWAY, long story short, I think because I am hairless and pitiful now I got off with a much easier fix than having a new outlet put in. All I have to do is put a guard over the  cord. Thank you, nice fire inspector! I’m glad we resolved this.

Well, this week, my bloods looked better than they did after the first round of chemo but I had nose bleeds and a weird rash on my head. I ate a bunch of smoked oysters and liverwurst (they have iron) and my nose is completely healed now. My head is better too. Coincidence? Also this week I drank a bottle of wine with Bob Foster and painted a giant portrait from a photo of late hedgehog Marty Mart Mart.

It’s not done yet. Any of those things could have helped my nose but it was probably the iron and the sleeping. Sleeping is fun. And drinking wine with Bob Foster helps the blues. Here is a picture of Bob Foster:

He’s a jaunty fellow. In other news, a few days ago I heard that a man in Black Earth, WI shot his television set after becoming upset by Bristol Palin advancing to the next round of Dancing With the Stars. For a second I thought that man was my brother. It totally crossed my mind as he lives in Black Earth and is heavily armed. But he would never be that emotionally invested in such a show, nor would he be that careless with a firearm. I bet he knows the guy who did it though–it’s a small town. I’ll ask him at Thanksgiving.




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so Bob is my soul mate, eh? COOL! That must be why I have been dreaming of fez hats!

hi Bob!


Comment by jean Yates

PS: your beads and portrait are beautiful!!! xox jean

Comment by jean Yates

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