Aardvark Art Glass

which is not a pillow?
November 12, 2010, 4:49 pm
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If  you guessed the lizard-shape, you are right.

I’m bald now.  So that’s news. The hedgehog does not like my wig and the lizard does not like my hats. The lizard seems indifferent to the wig as does the hedgehog to the hats.  I have not tried wearing both at the same time but I intend to do so soon.

Yawn. I’m tired this week. Food is tasting bland and that’s making me think that now might be a good time to eat something that’s really, really gross just to see if I can taste it. Just a thought. If I think of something else, I’ll let you know. My brain is not feeling particularly snappy right now. It wants some Benadryl and cake.




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Benadryl and cake. So do you fall asleep in your cake or quickly eat your cake and then take the benadryl to wash it all down. Either way yummy! not… Dean will have his fill of Benadryl tomorrow before blood. He will sleep through it all. To be a better wife I’ll make him a cake!

Comment by Robin

I think I’d eat the cake first. Hang in there. Prayers on their way to heaven for you!

Comment by Mallory

I’m waiting for you to put up a picture of you in your “wighat.” You know that old song, “Put on your high heal sneakers, and your wighat on your head.” On an entirely different subject (and btw I’m serious about that wighat): here is a link to a linguistic performance for English majors that will raise your spirits:

Be well, dear heart,

Comment by Nancy Levine

Your comment got caught in my spam net because it had a link in it. Sorry for the late posting!

Comment by cathylybarger

PS that you tube is very amusing! You should watch that, Phil.

Comment by cathylybarger

Well, if getting a tattoo on your scalp ever seemed like a good idea; now would be the time. Otherwise, treat yourself to something gross and hang in there.

Comment by Mary

That thought has occurred to me, the tattoo. I wanted to get a little doorway with an “Exit” sign above it on the back of my head. But they are expressly forbidden during chemo. I checked. I’ll have to have someone draw it instead.

Comment by cathylybarger

Would “exit” be written as a mirror-image?

Comment by phil

Hi Cathy,
what does your wig look like? I’m sorry you’re bald–you’ve got to be missing your hair. It will be most exciting when you grow it back!
I read in another post that your blood is looking better and that’s great—I read something about oysters….maybe you’re craving some strange, unknown nutrient in them–who knows?
Your painting of your hedgehog is fabulous, you artist, you.
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving–

Comment by Suzy Hoff

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