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November 5, 2010, 9:54 am
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I friggin’ finally found a recharging cord for my camera. I have three but I could only find the one that didn’t work. Then I ordered one from Ebay and that one didn’t work. I finally applied myself last night and found one under a bunch of stuff in the living room. Yay! I haven’t applied myself in a while. I’m glad it paid off.

So I’m working on this project that is just for me. It’s kind of a subjunctive rendering of breast cancer related things. The first one that I made was a tumor:

Happy tumor holds the drug hose that goes into my port. He wants to help, now. There’s something about the concept of having a tumor outside of your body that everyone can enjoy much more than when the tumor is in you. Also, when people ask “What’s that?”, you can say “It’s my tumor” and they think it’s really funny. Sometimes. Other times, a pregnant pause occurs in the conversation. People at the clinic think it’s a riot. They’re the ones who count.

Another thing I like to say is “I have a yeast infection in my pocket.”

Because, again, a yeast infection in the pocket is better than yeast infections migrating around your body because they made you take a round of penicillin before surgery. I had them in my incisions, particularly the armpit one. Say, that reminds me, you guys should never let people dig around in your armpit area unless they have a really good reason to do so. The armpit is a sensitive portal to mysterious complications. Keep your arm down so people can’t get at it.

I have more beads to show but I have to try to get some work done today. I have a little jewelry show of the open house persuasion tomorrow. Never tried one of those. Hope it works.


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If you could get the “Yeast Infection” to exude a foul odor, people may not be so confused about it.

This is awesome.

Comment by Mary

after all the bananas and boiled eggs I carry around my pocket don’t smell like no daisies, so that works!

Comment by cathylybarger

It’s good to see you ex-pressing yourself. Get it on out there, is what I say. Seriously, humor is supposed to be analgesic–produces endorphins and what not. Anyway, you are amusing the heck out of me. Thanks,

Comment by Nancy Levine

Thanks, Nancy! It is myself I am amusing, really, but I’m glad you’re enjoying.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hey Cathy
You realize all of the port world is going to want one of your port tube holders. It is so much more classy than a flimsy piece of 3m tape. Just ask Dean who has fuzzies missing from his flannel shirt every friday from the tape. LOL
Now if you can make a stem cell I have a book to go along with it,, You game!

Comment by Robin

Happy tumor is largely a decorative port tube holder-they still put tape all over me. It’s just as well because I have to get up and pee about a million times during treatment and I don’t want to get hung up on anything.
A stem sell bead would look like a magician, you know? Because they can change into anything. I’ll try one of those next time I’m working. Got another treatment on Monday. Dean should really have a bead, though.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hey Cathy,
those are great beads! And that you are making the cells visable to everybody–that’s very healthy. Blood cells–hmmmm…make them nice and red, like they have tons of oxygen and iron..? Just do what you do: do your magic.
And speaking about your camera thingy: I read somewhere that people, on average, spend 53 minutes a day looking for something.
I personally have given up on the looking-for-stuff thing. I get on the phone for duplicate receipts if I can’t locate one in a couple of minutes. Saves me time plus it’s a revenue enhancement thing for the post office.
Keep up the great work and keep peeing!

Comment by Suzy Hoff

You are amazing. Your yeast bead is way more interesting than any of those plush giant microbes at Think Geek (where they don’t even have a Candida plush toy, and where if you search for “tumor” all you get are a bunch of timers and alarm clocks. Would that the transformation were so easy).

Comment by Liz P

I finally figured out what was bothering me about your tubing holder.
It’s not one of your octopodes. Perfect job for them.

Comment by phil

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