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everything is making me sneeze
October 27, 2010, 9:38 am
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I’m having sneezing fits. What’s good about it is that since I’m not sick and I’m not spreading anything I don’t feel compelled to have subdued, ladylike sneezes. I don’t think it’s good for your brain to bottle those up. The downside is I also have diarrhea and there are certain unwelcome pressure changes, also unladylike, that accompany the sneezes. Conversations with customers sometimes end abruptly. So I have that to contend with today.

I had my first small treatment yesterday with just the Herceptin. Herceptin sounds super-scary but it’s really not that bad. Don’t kill yourself worrying about it if you ever have to get it. It isn’t chemo. It makes me really hungry and then kind of tired. Later on I was really crampy but I think that was because I ate too much stew and gummy bears. The lady who administers my drugs told me I might be loosing the hair inside my nose and that’s hows come the sneezing. That’s an interesting tidbit. The human body really is like a box of chocolates.

I went and got what promises to be an extremely flammable wig from UW hospital. They have them there for free. I still have head hair, but probably not for the long. Wheee. Right now I’m kind of bummed that my Neutrophils are at 588 (it’s a blood thing), which isn’t so hot cause below 500 gives you a high risk of infection from pretty much anything. So I’m supposed to be very careful to not eat raw food or injure myself. That probably includes not setting my wig on fire. So I don’t know what to do with myself-danger is everywhere. Right now I am microwaving soup that you drink out of a little can. Seems safe enough but you should see the pile of shit I have to crawl over to get to the microwave. Wish me luck.



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Hello there
ah yes them bad little neutrophis, wait it gets worse if you get too low you go neutropenic. Have fun with that word. when Dean had his stem cell transplant we had a party when he went neutropenic.
Now watch that pile of S#!$ cause I don’t have enough toilet paper to clean up.

Comment by Robin

As a matter of fact, I might have enough toilet paper here to clean it up, but I won’t use it because it’s too beautiful.

Comment by cathylybarger

I think we’ve found a new definition for irony.
All the crap you’re going though – and holding up better than I would – and now diarrhea. But you can’t use the toilet paper – toilet paper! – because “it’s too beautiful.”
Flaming wigs and beautiful toilet paper. The images …

Comment by phil

Wow, I only found out just recently about your going through all this (per my late night comment I recently left for your original b.c. post that you actually had made back in Sept…) I am SO sorry that you are going through all this! Life is just NOT fair! 😦

I do have a suggestion though, given the upcoming holiday and all (Halloween!) You should have a “Find Cathy a Wild Wig!” contest. !!! There will be plenty of choices for everybody (given the holiday costume options out there for the getting) and you’ll get all sorts of different FREE WIGS out of it! Woo hoo! 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Yes, I know the ones from the hospital are free too, but are they fun ones? NOT! While this way you’ll get a wide range of selections to choose from, to wear as the whim takes you that day, sort of like Elton John back in the day with all his different exotic glasses frames.) 🙂

Well, just a thought. 😛

Seriously, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I bring my mom home tomorrow (per my other post) and we will both send well wishes your way. !!! (And we can match notes with you about the hospital vampires that can’t find good veins and all the hassles installing those plastic ports and IVS and all that good stuff. Yep, right now her arms look like she fell down the stairs and yet she didn’t have ANY bruises THERE when she went in! No, those are all courtesy of the “treatment”.) !!! 😛

Take care, and don’t let the chemo keep you from eating way too much Halloween candy (since the chance to overdo it on chocolate and sugar on Halloween is a long-cherished traditional RIGHT!) 😉


Comment by A. Calderwood

@Phil- I have a giant stash of Robin Crider’s embroidered toilet paper in the store including a set of embroidered Presidential portraits. It’s art! Too nice for cleaning messes of any kind.

@Annie-I read your post in my email.I was in bed yesterday and didn’t get back. We’re coming down squarely for medical marijuana on the 2nd. It’s on the ballot here. I’ve never been partial to it myself but am for it wholeheartedly as I think the art world would suffer without weed. And it would be even more interesting with more weed, you know, for insomnia or toe jam or whatever.
Thanks for the positive vibes!

Comment by cathylybarger

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