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you guys missed the washing machine
October 6, 2010, 12:09 pm
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This week hits on the cancer post  surpassed the hits on the post about cartoon illustrations of Pop Tarts at the grocery store. Not by much, though, 18 to 15. Glad to see everything’s normal.

Anyway, we had our little washing machine death performance art piece on Saturday. It was awesome and hilarious. I have a video of it but, due to the modifications to the machine’s engine, the vid is super long (7 min.). After numerous additions to the spinning load  it just kept going. The machine was on fire, too, did I mention that? Fire was a nice touch.

The ramp leading into the laundry hole was a safety measure so that a bowling ball could be rolled into it from a safe distance. Everyone was concerned about safety initially, but as the crowd’s blood lust grew people threw caution to the wind and just threw whatever in there-easily 75 pounds of material-bricks, forge weights, whatever was around. That thing blazed and clunked but it would not fall apart. After 7 minutes, the secondary motor finally stopped.

A lot of the stuff that went flying in the original vid had to be removed to install the stronger motor on top. So, not as much dancing or debris from this one but still pretty spectacular because of the fire and the incredible amount of weight it held. I’m handing the video over to the electrician who did the modifications on the machine. Hopefully he’ll get it up on You Tube.

Anyway, in other news, I have an appointment with the chemo guy next Tuesday. Because of what my doctor said at my last appt., I’m under the strong impression that certain tests have to be done before treatment starts and it seems logical that those tests require additional appts. (A port requires surgery, heart test requires labs, CBC requires labs, etc.) And the appointments are not exactly setting up themselves, which is sort of mysterious to me but not unexpected at all at this point. I thought I’d get in for a port, like, soon, (so it would heal, right?) and then tell them to order the labs and get those done but I haven’t heard back from the nurse I called on Monday to set it up. So, I don’t know what’s going on, really. And this is exactly how this has been going all along. Tra la la. It’s why I don’t generally blog about stuff until it’s over.


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I know this is a bit late, but was reading about washing machine and port. Hmm never thought I would put those two in the same sentence.
Port, you expected the port site to heal nahhh, they will just go in stitches and all. Just ask Dean. He had his port in on a Tues and on Wed he had chemo treatment through it. Just jab that dang thing right through the tissue OUCH. Now Dean is smart, he has a script for numbing stuff so if they miss the port the first time, its not as painful.
Fun NOT but the folks you meet along the way sure brighten up a lousy day!

Comment by Robin

Hi Robin!
They are all over using the port right away. I was really sore afterwards so that idea did not appeal to me. And it did hurt the first time they jabbed it but I got that numbing stuff so now it works great. Just one hookup and they can take and put in whatever they want-you just walk around with a little nozzle poking out of your chest. It’s really slick. And the port and the tube feels freakshow under my skin. Modesty prevents me from inviting strangers to touch it to see how weird it feels, but I want to do that, very much.

Comment by cathylybarger

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