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There’s a story here
June 28, 2010, 2:26 pm
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When me and Don were on our way to the market on Sat. morn, I saw this illegally parked SUV with the street sign from the corner of East Washington and Butler streets jammed up under it.  What I just found out today was that the pole holding up the street sign was still attached. I walk by that corner on my way home from the bank an the whole thing, pole and sign, was laying on the terrace, spent after what must have been a mighty struggle. East Wash and Butler are only a few blocks away but, holy shit, what a lot of noise that must have made! How does that even happen? That whole sign caught up under your vehicle and the pole dragging along beneath. I wish I would have seen that. I bet there were sparks.


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Hm. I don’t see any dents in the front of the car. Was there one in the back?
The driver may have been the beneficiary of someone else’s street sign removal policy.

Comment by philip oshel

I didn’t look at the back. The front bumper was damaged but mostly from the sign jamming up into it. You’re right-it could have been knocked down first. I kind of like that scenerio better because then he wouldn’t have been driving on the sidewalk where I walk a lot of times. Don said there was fluid leaking out of the vehicle when he came back to it a while later. By then other people were looking at it. He must have hit it coming down Butler toward Lake Mendota, turned left on Mifflin and then pulled around the next available corner and parked. Perhaps the driver got out of the car and said something cliche like “Not another drop!” while dropping a half-finished bottle of cheap booze onto the ground. Since smaller bottles are all plastic now the bottle wouldn’t have broken but the effect would have been there. Or maybe he was sober but texting someone, perhaps angrily, when he hit it. I don’t know–like I say there’s a story there. I gotta go make beads now.

Comment by cathylybarger

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