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June 11, 2010, 3:51 pm
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When the market is going on I don’t have time to blog.  Or do anything, really, so there isn’t much to write about. In fact, the only reason I’m taking the time to write this is because it’s really humid today and that’s slowing the time it takes for the glue on my post earrings to set. I’m going to wait another ten minutes and then they’re getting packed. And then I’m going home to eat vegetables. I’ve been eating brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes probably 4-5 times a week for I have no idea how long. Months. Just seeing how long I can go. The other day we ran out of margarine and I ate a potato and a pound of brussel sprouts with salt only. That was rough. Meals, like production work and everything else in life, will be over soon. No sense in going through a lot of trouble to make them more enjoyable. That’s what I tell myself when I want to get something done or eaten. Works for me.

OK, I’m stretching my drying time out a little. I really do have to go pack up, though. I’m going home early, dammit. Talk to yous later, probably when the luck runs out with the weather.


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O.k., I joined Kaboodle recently (because I lost my irreplaceable and discontinued frame prescription sunglasses and Kaboodle was the only website that had a listing/pic of it, albeit listed as “unavailable”, granted, but I wanted to add a comment to their listing, begging all and sundry to contact me if they had one, so I joined.) 😛

Anyway, they are now sending me all sorts of little e-mails and heads-up about various items they currently have which I might like or be interested in or wish to purchase. Not sure how they came up with THIS one for me (from “black and silver Versace sunglasses”, which is my actual quest) but here’s their latest hopeful suggestion for me as a potential acquisition to add to my personal collection (note: I saw this and KNEW you would want to see it!) !!! 😛


What can I say? I guess they could tell how “heartfelt” my desire to find my sunglass frame was? 😉


Comment by ANNIE

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