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March 9, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Here are the beads I’m giving away. Except for the Andres Serrano’s jar of pee (upper right-it has a crack starting in it though I highly doubt it will come apart) they’re all sound. The Serrano bead is probably one of my favorite bead ideas ever. I was trying to make a double of the one on Etsy but it cracked.

Anemone guy (front left) is perfect but he creeps me out.

In the back you can see octopus on a ham. That’s a huge bead. He had seven tentacles at first. You’d be surprised how often that happens with the octopodes. I had to add an eighth and then I didn’t like how the spacing came out on them. I spent a lot of time on that only to have the tentacles get melty. That pissed me off so I want to get rid of that one.

In the center is Squid (or octopus) Taking  a Dump. A while back fellow bead maker Mary Ann emailed me an idea about squid-doo so I made that one. I guess that since it’s the only squid taking a dump bead I’ve ever seen, it is also the most convincing…but I bet there’s a lot of room for improvement on that one. Plus, there were no Google images of squid poop so I had to use the power of my imagination. That’s always a mixed bag. One good thing about that bead is that the poop is all brown mixed stringer encased in clear–just like hedgehog quills. So none of the trial and error color mixing went to waste.

In the front we’ve got an early little octopus on brain jar and a twinkie covered in ants. Or spiders. Ants are hard to make, you guys. I’d put them on everything if they were easy.

So, what I’m thinking for the contest is the closest three guesses get to pick two beads. Closest one picks first, etc.  Eventually someone will end up with the ant Twinkie and the Squid Taking a Dump.

My coat is doing ok. It’s a well-made garment. It’s lining is compartmentalized like the Titanic so the change is all staying in there, jingling around. I would like to talk about it more but I can’t. Twelve more days!


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good morn…
have a wonderful weekend pretty girl

mon & the girls

Comment by mona & the girls

I LOVE the ant twinkie, what do you mean? (Thank goodness you didn’t do roaches…. I would NOT have liked THAT bead!) 😛

Just think how large the octopus must be in real life to dwarf the ham like that… that’s a pretty BIG boy there (he wouldn’t have minded losing one tentacle, he could still beat up all the other octopods with only seven!)


Comment by Annie :)

Hey Gaffer-
We’re imaginary friends now on Facebook. Thanks for the blog link!

HI Annie-
Covering things with ants seems like a really good way to get more mileage out of an object you already know how to make. Like a ham or a twinkie or a piece of candy or whatever. I have to get better at them though. Glad you like!

Comment by cathylybarger

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