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a year for change
February 27, 2010, 7:49 pm
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I had a nice lady come into the land store and buy the Octopus Trying to Open a Jar With a Testicle in it Bead. I’m not kidding! That shored up my will to live so much that I almost forgot about a contest I had planned (the purpose of which was to shore up my will to live until Spring arrives.) So I’m double-shoring now.

See, I’ve got this old coat:

It’s probably 5 years old at least. The lining is getting all ripped up from me stretching it over too many layers. But it’s a nice coat-2/3rds length, covers my ass, which is a nice function for a coat to have in the blustery cold. Anyway, the other day I noticed that while I can hear change moving around nearby,  I can’t find any in my pockets. That’s because Iv’e got a hole in my right pocket and the coins are falling into the liner. I have no idea how long this has been going on. I must have noticed this initially a month ago and then noticed it anew every day for about 30 days.  That’s when the coat started getting heavy and I could feel a fair amount of change bouncing against the back of my legs when I walked.

I was going to cut the liner, empty it out and sew up the pocket but then I thought, why not leave the change hole  in the pocket until the first day of Spring? That way instead of just looking forward to warmer weather, I could look forward to warmer weather, a lighter coat and probably enough change to buy a bottle of liquor.  BUT then I thought, why not make this a blog contest where you guys predict how much change is going to end up in the liner of my coat on March 21, the first day of Spring? That way I could have my light weight coat,  liquor and unload some of these freaky beads I’ve got sitting around.

I don’t know how I could cram more positive events into a singular contest. I feel more interested in life already.

Here’s about me: I’m not a change spender–even before it fell out of reach. I never went digging for $.22 when I was in line at the grocery store and I’m not going to start doing that now. I’m just going to go about my business and not artificially increase or decrease the amount of change I normally put in my pocket. Since I forget things so quickly this will be easy for me. (What hole? Why is my coat so heavy?)

On March 21 I will digitally document the process of opening my coat liner and the counting of the change within. Whoever’s prediction in Earth dollars is closest to the actual amount will win. I’ll post some pics of the beads I think you need later. I’m not trusting you to pick the right ones. They may or may not be sellable in my opinion, but they will be weird…and free. It will be worth your while to enter…unless your while is just SO valuable.

What you need to do is make a prediction about the amount of change that’s going to end up in my coat liner on March 21 and leave it in the comment area of this post. Do it now before the post gets buried and you forget. Be sure you’re not entering the same amount as someone else, enter just once and no, you can’t change your guess. If you have a website link it to your name. That makes it easier for me to tell who’s who. I don’t know when I’ll close the contest. It may go ’til March 20 but, things could happen to make it end earlier. Like, it could get warm. But even if it did get warm and I stopped wearing the coat there’s still a bunch of change in it now. Maybe that’s not such a good example. I don’t know if anyone is going to do this. You should though–it will give you something to which you can look forward.


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Can I guess in Hong Kong dollars? They are earth dollars. You didn’t specify which country. But, because I still think in US dollars, I will guess in USD…$15.76. (BTW – this entire post cracks me up. As always…thanks for making me laugh. I really needed it.)

Comment by Jenn

Ummmm…..This is the first time I’ve encountered this blog and this post made me laugh. I’ll guess 19 dollars and 84 cents?

Comment by Heather

I always throw the change in the bottom of my bag. After a while my shoulder goes numb and I know I need to clean it out…So here’s my guess: $21.03. Have a great day Cathy.

Comment by Rosanne Garvison

Okay, here is my carefully, plucked from thin air, guess. I’m sure it is right, ha. $25.68.

Comment by Mary Ann

Hm. You’re An Artist, so I (sorry) don’t think you’re as wealthy as the other guessers.
I’m going for $5.75. A nice palindrome.

Comment by phil

Hi Cathy,
I’ll say $7.63.

Comment by Leslie

I think you should preserve the lining and after the contest leave just a little slit in it at the bottom of the coat. That way, you can let the change escape and leave little treasures all over the dang place.

$1.98 I say.

Comment by Lori G

I’m going to say $8.61. Although you DO say the coat seems heavy… hmmmm, I might be lowballing it. (But then again, if you are one of those who doesn’t tend to use pennies, they may all be inside the coat lining. And 800 pennies would weigh quite a bit!) I guess I’ll stand by my proposed sum. But, we’ll see! 🙂

Comment by Annie :)

$2.63…that’s a great meal at Taco Bell, including soda!

Comment by Jen

For me and Bob: $12.34. And don’t get some sort of back condition or something carrying around all this extra weight. You and he are so alike. The other day I put on his rain coat and almost fell over sideways. You two are like marsupials with your pocket storage.

Comment by Rose

I don’t have a dream book, but I have a strong feeling that the month and the day of the change counting are important to ultimate success in this endeavor (success being measured in free beads–is there any other kind?). So I’m guessing $03.21, which in earth dollars is $3.21.

Thanks you, Cathy, for this blog. It’s a hoot!

Comment by Nancy

Dang! The bad news (for me) is that I missed your jar of brains :-(. The good news is that I found your blog! This is the most down-to-earth “real” beaders blog I’ve stumbled across-definitely lots of whimsy going on here!

Ok, I’ll guess your coat-liner change comes to $32.48

Comment by grace

FYI Grace-There are more jars of brains up!

Comment by cathylybarger

WooHoo! and Hot Diggity! THANK YOU Cathy! I just nabbed one–these are the coolest! I need more brains, the ones I have are getting old ;-). Now you’ll have more change to add to your coat liner 😀

Comment by Grace

Hey everyone
Thanks for playing along, all of you. What the hell day is it anyway? March 8! Time is flying! Wow. Well, the coat is still together and there’s still plenty of time for people to make a prediction. I’ll post pics of the prize beads tomorrow.

Comment by cathylybarger


Comment by Miriam

A friend sent me a link to your Etsy: Octopus Opening Olive Jar and after oogling all of that good stuff, I came over here. Octopus on Grilled Cheese! Ham! I am overwhelmed. But not so overwhelmed that I can not make a guess on the change content of your coat. $21.30 sounds heavy enough to me.
Thanks, I am back to your blog…

Comment by Mary

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