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February 23, 2010, 3:45 pm
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My long National nightmare of fundraising for the hedgehogs is almost over. That went well, and quickly. Only one pair of hogs left in the store. They’re yours if you want them.

Getting back to things, I wanted to show you an octopus I bought at the Best Bead  Show in Tucson. It was hard to pick just one octopus because there were so many there. Octopodes are as ubiquitous as frogs. That surprised me. None of them were opening jars though-most were just standing around.

That’s a Ben Burton octopus. Ben is a talented guy who works in boro (hard glass) and has spent time with real octopi. Not listening to their problems or anything, just observing them. He lived in Hawaii so they were around. Looking at real cephalopods has to contribute to the success of your product. That’s probably why mine look like Dr. Zoidberg.

Another item I picked up was this bug by Wesley Fleming. I am so apeshit about his work.

If you ever turn over one of his bugs, and I hope you do, you will see the segmented underbelly and the tiny, tiny mandibles.  Everything is there.  It’s pretty fucking incredible. This is a made-up bug, with the green and orange shell. He makes real ones, too. Soft glass and a Phantom torch. How? No one knows.

Green and orange bug is in the store if you want to come and visit it. I won’t let you touch it though, you have to get your own for that.  And if you want a bug, Wesley’s got a show at the Racine Art Museum starting in June. That’s going to be a bug loving frenzy there. You should go to it when Catherine Chalmers is showing too. She’s kind of zany with the posed cockroaches and the bugs eating each other. I saw her on EGG: The Arts Show a few years ago. Never forgot about her. That’s going to be a great show.


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Wow. Thanks for the links.

Comment by phil

Geez! I can’t even get my stringer control, under control!

Comment by Grace

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