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We’re all here now
February 12, 2010, 10:06 pm
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Know what makes Madison different from Phoenix? Phoenix’s phone book has three pages of bee removal listings. Also, they have light rail and we don’t. They really need it too because stuff isn’t stacked up out there like it is here. We did get a chunk of money for light rail recently, but Madison’s been talking about rail since forever so I’ll believe we’re getting it when it’s here. So, more bees but really good public transportation. Phoenix wins there. Or maybe Tempe had the bees and the light rail. I was never really sure where I was on this trip.

I had one shining moment of awareness when Don and I were trying to find an art museum in Phoenix. Not ten minutes after we walked by the library someone asked me where the library was. And I knew because it was gigantic and I could still see it. “It’s over there,” I said, pointing. That was great.

We went to Bisbee too. No moments of awareness there. At night that town is a challenge to your senses because nothing is flat and everything is very dark. It’s all stairs and hills and bars. I don’t think things were flat indoors either, but that could have been from the drinking.

We stayed at the Castle Rock hotel. We went there with friends of ours who are Castle Rock former employees. They had a lot of stories about paranormal activity going on (what with the place being so old and with so many miners dying in or nearby.) We booked The Geronimo Room and while I never experienced any paranormal activity, I have to say that it was pretty easy for the stoic Indian-themed decorations about the room to creep you out. Friday night me and Don left the bar before they did and decided to pile every loose object and free-standing Indian decoration on their bed hoping to make it look like paranormal activity. How I wish I would have taken a picture of that. Because if I had taken a picture of that, I would have remembered stacking the bed and then seeing the Indian statues in new locations the next day wouldn’t have frightened me.

The only pictures I took in Bisbee were of smoked yams:

and a dog that was mooching food at the bar:

And that’s what I know about Bisbee.

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