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Octopus sighting
February 12, 2010, 3:24 pm
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Real quick here–Mermaidfairy on Etsy purchased Octopus on a cheese sandwich a week or two ago and already made something fantastic out of it. Can you believe it? Frankly, I am stunned at how well the octopus fits into the design. It makes an octopus on a cheese sandwich look completely normal. It was not my intention to stump designers with both the subject matter and the appearance of these beads but I kinda figured that’s what would happen.

So at least go look at this piece. It’s stunning! Or buy it–it’s only $85 bucks for crying out loud. If an octopus on a cheese sandwich is not your thing tell people the sandwich is some kind of  rare kelp raft or something. There might be sandwich colored kelp somewhere. It’s more feasible than a time-traveling octopus, anyway.


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That necklace is fabulous! Who knew that quirky is the new normal?

Comment by Jenn

As well it should be. What endears me to this all the more is that Barb’s bead collection (all of her materials) went missing some time ago and she had to make this out of stuff she found in her dad’s basement (the copper in particular). I’ve never tried that but it sounds really hard to do.

Comment by cathylybarger

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