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January 27, 2010, 5:27 pm
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At last my octopus and jar issues are getting resolved. I hate having to play the supernatural card or the…I don’t know what you’d call it when say when you say it’s ok for a character to time-travel or be a vampire so they can do pretty much anything. An easy out? That’s what I call it. And that’s what I’m doing with the octopodes, pretty much.

You see, I need some back story to go along with these beads and also a explanation as to how the octopus keeps getting his tentacles on jars of stuff. I think I do anyway.The octopus, who’s name is Walter (until I think of a better one), I think he’s kind of hapless more so than misguided. (I haven’t fleshed out all the nonsense yet.) He doesn’t really know “time travel” but he does know (and like) “jar”. He also knows that if he walks through this under water worm hole thing in his closet there’s jars all over the place. So each time he goes through he grabs a jar from the other side and comes back, sometimes altering history, sometimes just getting a snack.

So far there are only two jars of historical significance ( thus requiring the time-travel explanation). One contains the subject of a very famous photograph by Andres Serrano (which never went missing though could have fit in a jar).  The other contains Kennedy’s brain, which is either missing or not depending on which website you read. I’m choosing to believe it is missing because it’s absence dovetails so nicely with the time traveling octopus explanation. Yep, that’s what I have so far. Some of them are up on Etsy now, if you want to see. Let me know if you think of any jar ideas.


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Nonsense is extraordinarily underutilized. It’s what wrong with schools these days.

Walter is adorable. Is there another wormhole for the jelly doughnuts?

Comment by Jenn

Now you have me wondering what Walter would do with a Klein bottle.

Comment by phil

Jenn-Here, here about the nonsense. Nonsense makes me breathe easy. If you are presenting it to people who are on the same page, like children or persons with arrested development, it works better.

So, speaking of nonsense, now that I’m getting better at octopodes I may try the solid food items again. The wormhole is just for emergencies, though, doughnuts and stuff could fall off a boat.

Comment by cathylybarger

Klein bottle… I like the cone shaped ones as they are vaguely ham-shaped. The thing is, the octopus really digs the screw-top jar. Off the top of my head I would say that it’s because scientists gave him delicious treats for opening them back when they were studying octopus behavior. So now he associates jars with food. (Translation: I cannot make a Klein bottle.)

BUT, the Klein bottle makes me think of what an embarrassment of riches a lab would be to an octopus with a jar fetish. I had not thought of that. He could end up inadvertently framing someone for stealing plutonium or being responsible for the H1N1 vaccine shortage. Not that they keep that stuff in screw top jars. This is nonsense after all.

Comment by cathylybarger

uuhhh …
but we do. Screw-top tubes and bottles and jars, oh my.
Octopodes would run rampant in a lab.
(I would’ve questioned “run”, before the recent videos of an octopus picking up a 1/2 coconut and running away with it to hide in.)

Comment by phiil

Well, right on. Probably get a couple of lab ones in. If I could finish this series in 12-15 beads, that would be great. I gotta start making stuff to sell again.

I haven’t seen the video but it sounds intriguing. But I think the octopus is lording that coconut shell thing over the other cephalopods. Like a goddamn monkey or a dolphin or whatever animal humans love so much. He better watch out before a cuttlefish cleans his clock with a pillowcase full of soap bars.

Comment by cathylybarger

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