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The Year of Miracles of Little Consequence
January 24, 2010, 4:47 pm
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Well, there you have it. We had our name the new year party on Friday. I have to say that it seems a lot more effective to have it on New Year’s Eve but we were in Nebraska on New Year’s and then we were sick and busy watching commercials about butter. Friday was the earliest possible opening. Lotsa folks over. Oh, and you guys, if you host a lot of parties you have to get a Breathalyzer. Drunk people love those. We got one for Christmas and it’s probably the best gift ever. Don’t announce that you have one- just pull it out and let people amuse themselves with it while they wait for a cab.  Otherwise it will become a contest. The world is drunk enough already without people to out do each other.

One miracle that’s supposed to happen soon is a new kitchen floor. On the 4th we’re going to the gem/mineral/bead shows in Tucson. While we’re away a friend is supposed to be re-linoleum-ing the kitchen. With a new floor on the way, Don gave the green light for people to draw on the old floor with sharpie markers. Fortunately, there were too many people in the kitchen for the idea to take hold in any significant way.

Meanwhile, on the bead front…I’m able to make jars of pickles now

but they keep cracking. Really mystifying and frustrating. The greatest success so far has been the Vampire Squid

He’s got a cape. He’s in desperate need of props,though. Someone at the party suggested that I drill out the hole on the front and turn him into a roach clip. And you know, that’s not the worst idea. There are definite lines between glass that stoners will enjoy and glass that is purchased by 40 year old ladies with good credit. The two aren’t mutually exclusive or anything but, I think these beads belong to the former.


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