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vampire squid
January 14, 2010, 11:31 pm
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Continuing an ongoing exploration of both the amazing and goddamn aspects of the octopus, meet the horizontal eye. It’s too big but I would say it’s a vast improvement over the other ones. Beneath the octopus is a cheese sandwich. It’s the only base shape  that allows me to build a creature without a mandrel going through the head. In retrospect I probably should have made a pretty tab bead instead of a sandwich. But I like the food thing.

So yesterday morning I heard for the first time (as far as I know) Matt Taibbi’s quote about Goldman Sachs being a “vampire squid on the face of humanity”. Maybe I did hear it earlier but wasn’t all tuned into the squid thing so I didn’t see it as a potential cephalopod making opportunity. But I do now. I can make faces and vampire squids.  Normally, if you want to you want to vampirize something you can keep it its usual appearance as long as you throw a cape on it, but I know from watching “True Blood” that vampires don’t wear capes anymore. Since the cape thing no longer applies and squid mouths aren’t really visible, eye and skin color is all that distinguishes a vampire squid from a regular one. I guess it’s a good thing I’m making this when the public’s vampire interest is at it’s peak. Otherwise people might not get it. Another possible reason people might not get this: the quote is really old. Not much we can do about that. We’ll see how far we get with this one.

FYI: Vampire Squid photos. Vampire squids are real, but they’re not walking undead entities like on TV.


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Cute Octo! I thought the sandwich was a jelly doughnut, though…is that bad? Both make me hungry.

Comment by Jenn

Neat. Eyes aren’t too big, the mantle is too small.
Nice, lazy look, just right for a satisfied octopus with its own cheese sandwich (“cheese sandwich” reminds me of Odd Bodkins and the Lesser Hoohoo, how’s that for old?)
Vampire squid…they’re deep water where it’s dark, so red eyes definitely. And they’re old school, been around a lot longer than the silly kid vampires we get these days.Fashion, bah. Vampire squids wear capes. Made by Speedo, maybe, but capes.

Comment by phil

Jenn-Jelly doughnut? That’s a good idea. That might even be better than a sandwich…

Comment by cathylybarger

I’ve heard of Odd Bodkins (thru Bob Foster: Living Link To The Past) but who the heck is Lesser Hoohoo? Also, thanks for the link. I am floored that the vampire squid is actually black with red eyes because–how intuitive is that? That’s just how I was going to make him. But he could be any color with a cape, which is why capes rule.

This squid is going to have to be a cross between the real and the bullshit as I may not get another opportunity to reference vampires in my work. Getting a squid reference in daily life is unusual enough but, vampire squid? I gotta get going on that.

Comment by cathylybarger

I love the idea of a speedo cape, does speedo have a logo?

Comment by Tracy

Whatever you do, don’t Google Image “Speedo” to find it.

Comment by cathylybarger

The Lesser Hoohoo lived in tree. A character in a series of Odd Bodkins strips. It’s in one of these collections: “Hear the Sound of My Feet Walking.. Drown the Sound of My Voice Talking” or “The Collective Unconscience [sic] of Odd Bodkins”.
Not the Great Hoohoo (god, maybe), just one of the Lesser Hoohoos. A possible source of cheese sandwiches.

Comment by phil

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