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December 17, 2009, 3:04 pm
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I was just listing stuff on the Etsy when I came to this bead in my pile:

It’s half of a fish. The front half. The more interesting half, in my opinion. Do you see how you could stick this anywhere and it would look like the fish was emerging from a solid surface? I made this last summer when I thought I was going to be making a large fish-inhabited mirror frame. That project, like every single other filppin’ thing I started in ’09, fell to the wayside probably for a very good reason, or perhaps just because I blew it off. Good thing no one, not even myself, really cares about or keeps track of the things I’m doing.

Anyway, back to the fish head. It was looking up at me from one of my many bowls of objects and I found that I could entertain myself by placing it here and there. I was going to put it on Etsy but I don’t think anyone would buy it without the placing here and there part. It’s a nice bead. It could be beaded into something. Or you could stick a magnet to it and have the fish coming out of your refrigerator door. That would be fun for you, wouldn’t it? Of course it would.

So if you want the fish head bead, comment in the comment area. I’ll let people comment for a week or so, then on the 24th I’ll choose a name at random. (I don’t think very many people read this thing anymore so your chances of winning are probably pretty good.)


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Of course people read your blog, it’s the best on the internets. That’s why it’s one of only five I link to on my own blog (read by about 7 people world wide). The fish head could keep the Himbit dichroic glass bug I bought from you in 1990something company.

Comment by Liz Paley

That was the bug with the life preserver! I had to walk to work twice today because I forgot my coffee and the reason that happened was because knowledge of the Himbit bug was taking up valuable brain space.
If you win fish head I’ll rig him up so he can hang with the bug.

Comment by cathylybarger

What a cool idea! I would have loved to see the mirror. My fridge would make a happy home for Mr. Fishhead, he’ll have lots of company next to the goofy family pics and squished fairy magnet!

Comment by Jenny

I would love to do something odd with it and a bit of metal clay! (Inevitably, though, it reminds me of that song “Fish Heads”…)

Comment by Melissa J. Lee

I love this guy and ideas of where to place him abound which may be the clue… he is meant to show up in odd places… to be moved around so that the next time someone is at “My” (just in case I win) studio,or yours (in case someone else does) 😉 they will wonder what happened to him and then suddenly they’ll see him somewhere new. A “Where in the Hell is…” Headbert? Headley? Headacodtus Aurelieus? One thing for sure is that who ever gets this cute fella will smile each time they see him. 🙂

Comment by Deb Spence

I want it. I can see it coming out of one of Renee’s painting-things.
Maybe with the cactus.

Comment by phil

I’m pretty sure you little fishie would love to move to Germany and hang out on the wall of my studio. Just ask him, I know that’s what he’d tell you :O)

Comment by lavendercreek

Maybe he could even teach me proper spelling and grammar while he’s here?…

Comment by lavendercreek

The fish is a stickler for spelling and grammar, but only when he’s drunk. And then he’s right only about half the time.

Comment by cathylybarger

Count me in. Fishheads fishheads, roly poly fishheads…

Comment by Miriam

Me, I am reminded here of the famous set of “early warning system” fish that you had created some while back here (say, isn’t it time to bring out another set of those? The world is a scary place lately, you know!) This fish is only yellow, still room to panic further… !!! 😉


Comment by Annie :)

Dear Santa,
I know you are flying around in your sleigh right now. Could you kindly drop a glass fish head down my chimney? I’ll be waiting in the fireplace all night to catch it. I believe in you…

Comment by Jen

sorryI missed the chance for my very own fish head…it would have been perfect for an copper disk I made, and “painted” with enamels to look like seaweed. Oh well – if you ever have another fish head with a split personality, send it my way!

Comment by Kezza

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