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hedgehog junk
December 4, 2009, 9:30 pm
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Our hedgehog’s name is T-Bone now. Go, T-Bone! I take pictures of him every day. Little known fact about photographing male hedgehogs: (cover your ears, kids)  Their junk is large enough to really throw off a shot. I’m not kidding. This is a problem I’m having with assembling a portfolio of T-Bone pics for Cute Overload. I got the above sweet picture of him yesterday. What you’re looking at is T-bone, asleep, his tiny paws covering his tiny nose , then you see his left rear leg and then a little tail sticking out the back. But what’s that bulge between his leg and tail? Oh, those are just his giant hedgehog balls–the kind that you never see in Cute Overload pictures. And he’s only 9 weeks old. Guys think this is really funny. I hope all of you do too.


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Maybe next time you should get a girl Hedgehog? 😉

Comment by Annie :)

We’ve had almost all girl hedgehogs since ever. They are awesome (and easy to photograph) We bought a boy this time because-weird fact about hedgehogs–females are very prone to uterine cancer. And also so Don could have someone to watch football with.

In real life, the story about the hedgehog balls cracks people up. It was worth the trip to Aurora just for that.

Comment by cathylybarger

So glad you got another hedgehog. After a year’s absence, I broke down and adopted a young boy hog. He’s Cal Jr and I just love him so much. Hedgehogs are so much fun, aren’t they? Their output is amazing, and cleaning the hedgie wheel is the worst.

Comment by Joy

That is not normal. Hedgehogs do not have giant balls. He has some sort of growth and needs to see a vet.

Comment by menagerie

Oh, yes they do, Menangerie. At least ours do. I appreciate your concern, though.

Comment by cathylybarger

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