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So, this is funny…
November 11, 2009, 12:25 pm
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I’ve been cooking food lately. It started innocently enough at the end of summer when I had tons of free beans from the backyard bean pile to work with. I just steamed them and ate them. No big whoop, though the experience left me pro-vegetable in a way I had not been before. Once the beans were gone (I ate almost every bean those plants produced, by the way) I started looking for other vegetables to cook and eat.

I decided that the most efficient way to go about this was to look up nutrition data on everything, pick the vegetables with the most bang for the buck and eat those. Over and over. No problem as I had just come off of a two month bean and tomato eating jag and I still wasn’t tired of them. I find comfort in eating the same thing every day–I’m not unlike a dog in that respect.

Anyways, the vegetables I deemed most worthy of my time were: sweet potatoes, beet greens (and beets, since they are attached and you can’t very well throw them away) green beans, broccoli, spinach and collard greens. Especially the collard greens. Because Lucy the iguana eats them every day and she seems pretty on the ball. For a while I was eating boxes of white mushrooms, too. I thought it was novel that they were perhaps the only vegetable that is a source of vitamin D. I wanted to give them props for that. But then my shrink told me I needed to be ingesting 2000 IU/day of vitamin D through the winter so, rather than eating truckloads of mushrooms, I started taking tablets. Now my diet will be without selenium, whatever that is.

So, spare time wise, that’s what I’ve been doing–cooking and eating certain vegetables. Over and over. It’s a hobby now. I gotta tell ya I don’t think I feel any different from when I subsisted on frozen pizza and canned soup. Except I’m gassier. The other day I cut one while sitting on the couch with Don and, so unaccostumed was he to my producing that particular sound, he thought his cel phone was vibrating. That was a spinach day, so, something may well have been vibrating.


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Oh…dear….at least I’m at home and allowed to laugh as loud as I want. I love your blog.

Comment by Jenn

Yay! Thanks for commenting

Comment by cathylybarger

What about cauliflower? Great with cheese! (I’d say something witty here about great and grate, as in grate the cheese, etc., etc. but never mind! You’d probably reply with something flip about cutting the cheese, ha ha!) 😛

Comment by Annie :)

Welcome to the Green Side of the Force :O)
I’m vegan, I live mostly on veggies…LOVE VEGGIES! I eat tons of kale and spinach, one or the other and sometimes both every single day. Oh yeah,they will make you quite musical until your digestive tract gets used to them.

My favorite lunch is a huge bunch of lightly steamed spinach (about 1lb.) I mix up a dressing consisting of 1 squeezed lemon, 1 tbls. Tamari (or good quality soy sauce) and 1/2 tbls olive oil. I dump it on the spinach and then add a big handful of pumpkin seeds and about 1 cup of kidney beans straight from the can. I eat this almost every day for lunch…so good! It tastes good on fresh spinach leaves too.

Comment by lavendercreek

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