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the living medium: kombucha review
November 3, 2009, 3:51 pm
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My kombucha matured! And it is crazy delicious. After sitting in the fridge all night, it kind of tastes like apple cider. I had Don test it first to make sure it was palatable to a normal person. I ask him to do that with a lot of things but he doesn’t always oblige, usually for very good reasons. Curiosity must have gotten the best of him this time. Anyhoo, now I’m consuming it and waiting for something to happen. From what I’ve read that might be a) Nothing, b) Something very good or c) Something very bad. I’ve heard a lot of good things about kombucha and since I am very susceptible to the power of suggestion, I’m probably not going to be a very credible source for tea effect reporting.

That being said, so far, I think the drink perks me up. It’s weird stuff. It has some caffeine and a tiny bit of alcohol in it. According to my brain, which has been exposed to much pro-kombucha information and it’s fair share of alcohol, five ounces has a more noticable effect than a cup of coffee. I would not drink  it before going to bed (again). I know people who do, without issue, so maybe the peppiness wears off. Or all that could be a placebo effect. I don’t know. Making the stuff is both fun and something to do. It carbonates after you refrigerate it, which makes it different and more interesting than tea without a big pancake-shaped bacteria mat floating in it. If you’re drinking a lot of coffee or Red Bull, you ought to give the kombucha a try. Just so we can have something to talk about.


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“It carbonates after you refrigerate it …”
Fizzy fungus. There’s something satisfying about that.

Comment by phil

“Fizzy Fungus” has eye-catching soft-drink lable written all over it.

Comment by cathylybarger

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