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Who’s a good plant?
October 23, 2009, 4:03 pm
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Smokey is a good plant. He had about a week-long brush with death. Something buggy was visited upon him after I brought him inside. Always with the unintentional harm-doing. Animal, mineral, vegetable…lizard, hedgehog, tobacco plant…no one is immune. I gave him a bath and he’s doing better now. Got some new growth. So, in case anyone was wondering, my tobacco plant is ok for now.

In other news, East Johnson St. businesses are trying to lure children, and by extension their parents, into their respective venues with the promise of free candy on Halloween afternoon. For some reason, I am really down with this trick-or-treating idea. Brand loyalty can be instilled easily on impressionable, young minds. If, when they grow up, they don’t end up shopping here, maybe they’ll be less likely to damage my property. I doubt the event is going to be real successful on account of foot traffic being so minimal, but, despite that, I put myself in charge of making a poster advertising the event and spent a couple of hours scouring the web for unforgettable candy. Even if Halloween rolls by without anyone becoming unwittingly loyal to Aardvark, I believe my time has been well-spent because I have found the best candy ever:


Gummy roadkill. It’s even cooler in person. I ordered four more bags today because this first one I got is going to be gone before Halloween even gets here.


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Road kill candy. Love it.
But … are you going to be making beads that look like candy? Hershey’s kisses, M&Ms, all silaceous and non-tooth-rotting low calorie.

Comment by phil

WHERE did you FIND these? (I LOVE them!) Wow, they almost look like your beads!

I think you should make a mask for yourself that looks like your mask beads, and wear it that day while you’re in the store… 😉 Well, just a thought!

Happy Halloween!


Comment by Annie :)

Gummy roadkill. Love the name. Brand loyalty, yay!

Comment by Miriam


Comment by katemckinnon

If you Google “gummy roadkill” you will find that it comes from a company called Oriental Trading. Oriental Trading sells lots and lots of stuff including, within the past few years, extremely cheap lampwork beads. Lots and lots of different kinds that look pretty decent in the pictures. So that’s my dirty little secret–I wanted that candy so bad I bought it from the enemy.I do not encourage you to do likewise, though, if you did, I wouldn’t blame you because, damn, that’s cool candy. I guess I feel a little better now that that is off my chest.

Comment by cathy lybarger

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