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Meet Smokey
October 13, 2009, 3:12 pm
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I guess this is part of the garden round up. The tobacco part.

Last Spring all the Lost School smokers, I among them, were outside discussing how high the price of tobacco. At the same time, also on the porch, me and Don were trying to decide which plants would be in and out of the garden. Of course, the suggestion that we grow our own tobacco was met with favor. I pooh-pooed the idea because…look, that’s just not going to work. I’m not into growing plants that I have to research on the internet in order to know what to do with them. And I really don’t want any plants that aren’t pick-n-eat types. And frankly, I prefer tobacco that has all the accelerants and junk in it. It’s just better. End of story. Don’t want the added responsibility. No tobacco plants.

So anyway, a month or so later, Don brought home 4 or 5  tobacco plants. The tires were at critical mass so he planted them here and there around the yard.  Our grass got super long in some places so we don’t know for sure what happened to all them. We’re pretty sure one plant got mowed over and we know we stuck another in a planter (Smokey). Then there are two other robust-looking plants in odd parts of the yard that look a lot like tobacco. The thing about those plants is, our next door neighbor claims that a Google search diagnosed them as weeds. He apparently is blessed with a natural curiosity about plants that grow in or near his yard, probably because he lives next door to Clusterfuck Gardens and who knows what the heck is going to crawl over the property line next. So that was handy. No one plants weeds on purpose so no one’s really responsible for harvesting them. I really try to utilize plants that I bring into the world  but I feel no connection to the tobacco.

That being said, last night I made Don haul in Smokey and his quarter barrel planter. Smokey is pretty puny and I like the underdog or “thing that will probably die soon”. Can’t really help the “weeds” so much. Now I have two things to take care of–a tobacco plant and a kombucha fungus.  What a fun and successful winter growing season this is going to be. Hopefully, Smokey will make a good house plant–if the smokers can keep their mitts off of him.


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You need to add some (legal) herbs to this winter indoor “garden”!

How about a mint plant or some rosemary? Both of those are tasty when added to foods (and mint is great in a drink too… julep, anyone?) and are pretty hardy type vegetations, their sturdy example(s) might “inspire” ol’ Smokey there to straighten up and act like a real plant! 😛

Well, just a thought! (Especially since nobody else has left a comment yet, I figured I’d chime in here!)


Comment by Annie :)

Yeah, mint!
And there are so many kinds: chocolate mint, for example. Really. We’ve got some, and yes, it does taste like chocolate mint.

Comment by phil

I like mint! I probably would have bummed some off of someone and plant it outside if the garden wasn’t so full already.

Smokey may not be around very long. I think sommething is eating at him cause his leaves are dying from the ground up. Whatever is happening started when we took him inside. Probably a connection there what with tobacco not being an indoor plant and all.

Comment by cathylybarger

Tour “tobacco” plant is probably an ornamnetal species, of which there are many hybrids–bred for color and fragrance in the garden. Likey Nicotiana sylvestrus or N. elata, if it has a highly scented white flower–gets about 5 to 6′ tall. When a plant like this starts grow upwards to form a central flower stalk, usually it discards the lower leaves, forming new, shorter leaves along the central stalk as it elongates. This may be what’s happening to Smokey!

The other mystery plant with the shiny ‘sharp’ (toothed?) edges looks like a Campanula or “Bellflower” species. It too will elongate when it’s time to bloom (usually spring). Maybe ‘Cup-and-Saucer’? They self seed easily so you should have more. Very ornamental blue bell-shaped flowers along a tall upright stem. Not edible.

Good luck on C**G! Ain’t Nature grand?

Comment by sue the seedlady

Hey! Thanks, seed lady!
I cut down a suspected tobacco plant in the yard that was about 3.5′ tall. Like Smokey but giant. We’re trying to dry it out but there are so may eggs and bugs on it. Little reddish bugs. We can’t even wash them all off. So we may scrap that project.
Smokey could very well be making a flower-he’s got lots of new leaves coming in in his center. That’s exciting. He’s got the red bug thing too but they don’t appear to be eating him right now.

I think you’re right about the other plant, too. My pal Jeannne showed me some similar ones in her garden. She said they didn’t bloom the first year but they’ll bloom next year. Personally, I would have preferred more lettuce plants but the flowers on these are supposed to be really nice so I’ll give them some time.
Thanks for the informative comment!

Comment by cathy lybarger

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