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October 7, 2009, 11:21 pm
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Quiet, please! The kombucha, it is sleeping!


Do all of you know what kombucha is? It’s tea that gets its whammy from this big pad of fungus that grows on top of it. Supposed to be good for you. I can’t remember all the health effects but I know it helps you poop so I’m all for that. I got a hunk of the fungus about 6 weeks ago from the Aaron/Erika/Missy family kombucha fungus farm that they house in their refrigerator. Now I’m making my own. It is very exciting! Together we can watch the fungus pad unfold and produce a second fungus pad that I can use to make more tea or give to a friend. Indoor amusement!

If you’ve ever tasted kombucha you might be wondering why I want a big jar of it right under my desk. Well, the one time I tasted it I liked it a lot. Yes. That is the truth. I know it’s supposed to taste like feet but I thought the stuff Missy made was good. And my fungus is a relative of the delicious fungus that made the tea that I liked. So it’s all perfectly normal.

Did I ever tell you that I have a taste bud anomaly? I think I do. It’s not that I can’t taste vinegar–I can taste it but unlike most people who dislike it, vinegar tastes good to me. Like, I can’t tell when wine is bad. Also, I really liked that batch of Kombucha even though Missy said it was vinegary and not all that great. So, if I just drink down this batch of kombucha without running it by someone who can tell me if it’s good or not first, I could get really sick. Doesn’t this sound like something you’ll want to follow? I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. We’ll know in two weeks!


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O.k., here we part companies in our view on edible/inedible… (or is it, ingestible/uningestible?) To ME, the only thing scarier than the sight of a growing kombucha is the prospect of drinking some tea from it! (Ack!) 😛

I think your mission this winter is to create some sort of unique alcoholic drink that can be made from kombucha (just for something to do… and imagine the chug-a-lug parties one could have with something whipped up from this bad boy? Gack!) :-*


Comment by Annie :)

Bars around here have kombucha drinks already. (And they taste terrible, from what I here.) Kombucha is popular. I’m surprised no one from the blog is drinking it. Or maybe I’m hanging with a bizarre crowd.
Anyhoo, because of it’s flavor, the tea begs to mixed with something to dilute it–soda or fruit juice or whatever. So, yes, a mixed drink was the first thing to pop into my head when I tasted it. Mixed drinks are always the first thing to pop into my head when I drink anything new. One thing to remember is that, if you’re not used to drinking it, ingesting more than 5 oz or so will make everything you eat race through your digestive system like a bus full of fire. Code word: “detoxify”. Watch out when people use that word.

My fungus/culture is finally starting to grow since I moved it someplace warm. So at least that’s working. I think it’s going to be a little longer than two weeks before it’s ready. I’ll let you know!

Comment by cathylybarger

Well, I said UNIQUE drink (I’m sure the bars probably have some nice boring typical type thing that people want to buy… I’m talking about something that inspires double takes or spit takes when you even describe it, ha ha!) 😛

Really, you should have a party, with a contest, and the winner is the one who mixes the most exotic thing with the Kombucha (and DRINKS it!)

Well, I just figure as winter crawls along, if everybody is bored and fed up with the season, there’s something novel to do that will certainly create some sort of amusement (just don’t allow anyone more than 5 oz of it at your bash, you don’t want to have a multi-body pileup in your restroom, ha ha!) 😉


Comment by Annie :)

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