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a little disappointing
October 6, 2009, 11:52 pm
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I told this story to Don yesterday:

So, I’m walking down Dayton St. on Sunday, on my way to the shop and I see this squirrel with its head in an empty plastic peanut butter jar.  I stopped and took out my camera just as the squirrel pulled his head out, seized the jar in his jaws and tried to climb up a tree, which was even better. By the time the camera was on, however, the squirrel had dropped the jar and skittered away. So that was a bummer but, no big deal. I never get my heart set on successfully photographing squirrels, what with them being so squirrely and all.

Anyway, then, not a minute later, still on Dayton St., the Wienermobile (colorful, phallic-shaped mode of transportation used by the Oscar Mayer Co.) came whizzing by:


The squirrel episode left me clutching the camera so I was able to whip it out right away. I thought this picture was as good or better than a squirrel. Wienermobiles are like Yeti’s or Indigo Buntings–usually you just see them out of the corner of your eye and then they zoom away, leaving you confused and bereft of cocktail party material, as you can’t be sure that you saw anything at all. But there on my camera was a picture of a moving wienermobile. I felt so clever. Like I should call the paper and tell them to hold the presses or something.

Of course Wienermobiles, being famous  and all, unlike Yetis and Indigo Buntings, which are also famous but not usually still, frequently park and pose for pictures. So, around here, everyone’s got a Wienermobile picture and no one finds a photo of a moving one especially novel, even though they are. I should have realized this but, to me, this was quite possibily the most novel and serendipitous and important photo I’ve ever taken (perhaps because I believe that sightings of moving Wienermobiles, like sightings of groundhogs or robins, are harbingers of change. And wouldn’t it be a good idea to know when that’s supposed to happen…so you could get out your winter coat…or hide in the basement…or sell all your stock…or whatever.)

Anyhoo, my enthusiasm for the Wienermobile picture was not shared by Don, who after hearing my warm-up story, was all tasted up to see a squirrel picture and not much interested at all in seeing a picture of a Wienermobile. After, might I add, all my hard work taking pictures for his amusement. So I guess that’s what I want you to take away from this insightful little essay: If you have a story about two separate, interesting events and photographic evidence of only one of the events and, apparently, it’s not the more interesting of the two, don’t even bring up the story. Because your audience be disappointed that they didn’t get to see a squirrel and you will be angry with them for not sharing your interest in random Wienermobile sightings. God! At least you’ll get a blog out of it.


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You DO know how to tell a funny, funny story. Tears. Inappropriate laughing in a tomb-like office. Etc.

On a side note: my mom got a hilarious movie of a squirrel (yes, the squirrelly little things) that decided to take a ride on their Yankee Flipper bird feeder…one of those bird feeders that spin around to flip the squirrel off. The little dude actually hung on long enough for my mom to run and GET her camera, come back and take a minute-long movie. He only let go when my mom opened the patio door. Squirrel was a little dizzy after that episode.

Comment by Jenn

Ah, but … think of the squirrel beads!
A squirrel running a peanut-butter jar up a startled tree, perhaps.
Like the squirrel on the merry-go-round. I’ll have to get one. Our bird feeder is more for entertaining cats, anyway.

Comment by phil

Oh…Cathy, PLEASE come up with a line of squirrel beads! Do the Squirrel in a Peanut Butter Jar bead. Er…if that isn’t too creepy…

Comment by Jenn

You people and your squirrels. Is not the miracle of the wienermobile enough for you? (I’M KIDDING, of course!). I am thrilled to have three comments on this post, squirrel content not withstanding. Thank you for paying attention to my infrequent blogs and validating my existence. You are my chums.

Anyways, re: squirrel beads-I made a Socialist squirrel bead once for the Alphabet Beads series http://www.aardvarkartglass.net/alphabetbeads.htm . It was hard, but it was also many years ago. Maybe I’m better at fur now. Squirrel with head in peanut butter jar though…maybe you’d better call Loren Stump for that one. He could probably make a squirrel with his head in a peanut butter jar riding in the wienermobile bead.

Comment by cathylybarger

Squirrel with a peanut butter jar in the wienermobile … now I have to go make a peanut-butter and hot dog sandwich. Yum. Should go well with fermented tea.
(Kombucha can’t be that weird. Cheese is rotted milk, and beer is fermented barley seedlings and yeast piss.)

Comment by phil

I think it all depends on who you ask about the kombucha. The most common taste comparison is to “ass”, but I think that’s among people who buy commercially produced kombucha. Homemade is supposed to be better, I hear.
The process of making it is so gross I find it fascinating. That fungus thing is alive and it makes a clone of itself in two weeks. You drink the liquid it’s sitting in. That blows my mind. I am excited about my new fungus pal.

Comment by cathylybarger

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