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Hard Time For Possums in Trempealeau
September 23, 2009, 10:11 am
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This last weekend me and Don went to Trempealeau (near La Crosse, up nort, near Minnesota, by the Mississippi) to bike around where it’s pretty. We also stopped at an antique shop in La Crosse and picked up this nifty giant owl lamp. Unless you see it in person, you can’t really appreciate the scale of this thing. The whole thing is about 30″ tall. And it was only $25.00. Between the mechanical bat hanging from the ceiling fan and this we probably won’t have any more crow issues in the living room. So, woot for us.

Earlier in the trip, when we were driving about looking for a room at an inn around Trempealeau and the neighboring areas, we noticed a lot of road kill resting on the shoulders of the highway. That’s when Don gave me the title for this blog. It is most lyrical if you say it in Bob Dylan voice. Do I need to tell you to use Bob Dylan voice when talking about hard times in  towns with rhythmic names? I thought not.

Here’s a picture of a wee turtle that was almost bike-trail-kill:


Isn’t he cunning? I understand that you shouldn’t pick up snapping turtles because the mother turtle will push them out of her lofty nest if the turtles come back smelling like people. Also, they bite hard. But this one was really cold and sluggish and his mouth was tiny and ineffectual. About an hour later, in the same spot on the return trip, we saw a turtle that looked just like this one but with two important differences:  it was flat and it was no longer alive. It was probably not the same one. Nothing bad is ever going to happen to Ol’ Lucky, as I like to call him.

Here’s a picture of another tiny turtle Don found on his side of the path:


 Doesn’t he have a long, beautiful tail? This guy was loaded for bear when I picked him up to move him off the path. Even though he was smaller than a quarter, it freaked me out how lively he was. His name is Ol’ Kicky. He’s a strong little bugger. Hope he’s ok, too.

So, what else we got? Here’s a picture of the view from atop a bluff somewhere in Perrot State Park:


That was a nifty spot. Couldn’t stay long because it was getting dark and we didn’t want to get eaten by creatures or, more likely, fall and roll ass over tea kettle all the way back to the ranger’s station.

Lasty but not leasty, here is a picture from a port-a-potty that we ran into on a bike ride:


First of all, aardvark snouts are short. Second, even if they were long enough, they wouldn’t use them to suck sewage out of a portable toilet, which, I believe, is the conclusion toward which A-Aardvark Pumping is reaching. That’s just gross. People who use the aardvark in their logo should respect the aardvark, at least a little.

That was the trip that was. I know I have to get back to the garden thing. I’ll do that someday. All my banal observations seem to be channeled elsewhere…not sure where. Usually Facebook sucks them up but I haven’t been on there much either. It’s a mystery.


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I don’t approve of Eddie the Aardvark either. He looks so mean. And his ears look like ears of corn still in their husks. (Not that I have anything against corn.)

Cute turtles, though!

Comment by Voz

That’s an aardvark? I thought it was some mutant chimera of a donkey and an elephant. As a logo for a septic company, it’s a worthy comment on the political system.

Comment by phil

Hey Voz!
Also, the aardvark has a gotee. WTF?
I meant to tell you that your little magnets that I bought from your website (www.fishcakes.net) at a very modest price are AWESOME! Such care with the packaging. Everyone in the store is enjoying them. I’m sure they’ll sell when there’s more traffic.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hey Phil
Ding ding with the political system comment. That logo is an abomination. Everyone wants to be first in the phonebook but you can’t just twist your aardvarks so that they fit your needs. It’s not right. Now I’m honked off all over again.
ps. Voz has a “Hooray For Bugs” magnet that reminded me of you. I bought two of those for the shop because I know there are other bug lovers in the community and I didn’t want to run out. She has a bunch of grammar-related ones that are also a stitch. http://www.fishcakes.net. She’s on Etsy too. Voz plug!

Comment by cathylybarger

You have to know how much I love an OWL LAMP! Well done!

Comment by katemckinnon

If I could travel the world collecting and re selling owl lamps, you know I would do it. There are probably lots of the languishing away in antique stores. Gigantic lamps aren’t real popular.

We also saw a substantial clock featuring three ceramic owls. Neat. It was like $68., though. The best antique store owls are either giant or have graduation caps on them. That’s the truth, Ruth.

Comment by cathylybarger

Do you still have that owl lamp? It looks exactly like the one that sat on my grandparent’s front porch. My grandfather made that one and I was curious if the one you have was the one he made.

Comment by Jenna

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