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Garden round-up
September 4, 2009, 7:50 am
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Fall is coming now and I bet you’re all wondering how went our dainty tractor tire garden. If you can think back to…May? I don’t know. It was ago, whenever that ‘Deadliest Warrior’  show was on. Anyway, due to garden space constraints and just plain ignorance, back then I was taken with a plant battle scenario wherein I would plant two different plants in each tire and watch them fight it out. I understand now that for good reason such planting isn’t common garden practice. More than once I really hoped that the neighbors weren’t paying attention to what was going on.

We  ended up mixing beets, radishes, strawberries, various flowers, tobacco, herbs, peas, beans, lettuce, spinich, several varieties of tomatoes and a mystery green which I ate but had difficulty swallowing. Some things grew into what they were supposed to grow into and some died. Some just acted funny and took up space. Because I have a good picture of it, I’m going to start out with the most spectacular tire-the pea/bean tire.


There’s a couple of things about this growth that are kinda fucked-up. First off, I planted WAY too many beans and peas in this tire. Second, rather than giving them a little trellis up which to grow, we made a kind of maypole structure with strings coming off of a central post. We thought it would look like a nice green tee-pee, which it did at first when the peas came up. But then the fifty or so bean plants happened and they engulfed the weak, worthless peas. Worthless and ineffectual! I got maybe five pea pods before they succumbed to the mighty bean. The bean growth is now a good three feet above the top of our pole and the Pea vs. Bean battle is now becoming Bean vs. The Neighbor’s Lilac Tree, or “nature’s trellis” as it has come to be known. The green beans have ripened just this past week and there’s an awful lot of them. Me and Lucy the iguana eat them every day. I try to be quiet when I’m picking them because I don’t want to answer a lot of questions about what’s happening to the neighbor’s tree. Hope the birds got out of there.

Here’s a picture of the mystery plant.


This was one of the plants my pal Jeanne gave us. Originally, she thought it was lettuce but then she recanted once it started to grow. I forgot all about this thing–it was totally covered by tomatoes. It’s not a root and it does not flower. It’s not poisonous and, unlike beans, it minds it’s own business staying the same all year. I guess it does look like a lettuce but those leaves have got some really sharp edges. It’s very shiny, too. Funny plant. I’m going to feed it to Lucy.

I don’t have a picture of the radish/beet/strawberry tire. It’s mostly strawberries now anyway. The original plan was to designate a “root” tire, which I did, but then some strawberry plants came along and they had to go somewhere. If you have had none of your own, it may interest you to know that radishes have a surprisingly high edible material to effort expended ratio. Probably the highest of any plant we planted. Unfortunately, they’re radishes, so you’re not exactly jumping up and down when they start producing. Nor do people jump up and down at the prospect of free radishes. But they mature quickly and they’re good for you. I ate them and Lucy liked the greens, so that was a success.

Beets, not so much. They were plagued by something right off the bat. I got enormous greens from them but only one beet that was larger than a small super ball. I waited all summer for that one beet. So, thumbs down for beets.

Strawberries will multiply with no assistance from anyone. We started with two tiny plants in June and now the whole tire and some of the ground around it is covered with plants. And did you know they come back on their own each year? And that you get more delicious berries each year? Based on the fact that everyone does not have strawberries all over their yard, I assume that that is not common knowledge.

This is getting long and I have stuff to do. I’m going to have to finish this up later. I’ll be back with tomatoes, lettuce and tobacco.

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me like beans ifin you get sick of em. Awesome story!

Comment by Miriam

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