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Flaccid Baloons
July 20, 2009, 12:37 pm
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Nothing says the party is over like flaccid balloons. Especially these. I had to fish them out of the garbage and there was cheese dip or Twinkie filling or something on them. Gross. Anyway, we had our opening soiree on Saturday. It was well-attended and probably the most remarkable aspect of it was the amount of alcohol that was consumed. I’m not sayin’ that’s good or bad, I’m just sayin. I decided that I wanted to be like my gift-shop owning brethren in Mexico and give out shots of tequila at the door. That seemed like a really good idea to me. Though I only had two takers, that couple did end up buying something. So I have tentative feelings of rightness as far as that decision went. And almost a whole bottle of tequila left.

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You re-opened? You gots to publicize this kind o stuff better, lady! Like on Facebook. Today’s fortune: get wasted with Hedgehogs.

Comment by Miriam

I SO facebooked the grand opening. Also invited people to be a fan of the store, at the behest of Burnie’s Rock Shop, who also digs the Facebook. You must have gotten an invite.I never check my invites. That’s probably why Facebook is worth what you pay for it, advertising wise.

ANYWAYS, you have to stop by some time! We’re doing the gallery crawl on Oct. 2. Events are unexpectedly festive here. If you’re out checking things out anyway, you gotta stop by. I think Project Lodge is still happening, too, under other owners. The rest of the block, I don’t know. We may be the only ones buying the brochure space but other places will probably be open, I hope.

Comment by cathylybarger

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