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I’m getting sucked in
June 30, 2009, 12:58 pm
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We have a date, now, that we are opening. Looks like July 16 with some kind of an opening fiesta type thing on Saturday, July 18, which will coincide with the East Johnson St. Block Party. As it has only occurred once before, you probably aren’t familiar with this particular block party. I’m not really, either, to tell you the truth. I think it goes from around noon to 7pm. There’s food and beer (I think) and live music from the famous Cork-N-Bottle String Band. Don is going to be playing there as well with his other band, Retro Box. Should be a good time.

Meanwhile, back at the shop, we’ll be open 11am-7pm, I will be doing bead demos, maybe Missy or Sarah will be making stuff out of metal, we’ll have drinks and snacks or something. You know, store opening stuff. I am working like a fool to get inventory made by then, which, by the way, is great, the working. There is ALWAYS something to do around here. And a lot of it has to do with the lights being on for the first time in a couple of years. My walls are dirty, my display stuff is beat up, that sort of thing. So opening is going to be more than just unlocking the door and answering the phone again. I kinda figured.

ANYhoo, I have to get back to my stuff that I have to do. Damn, it’s weird not being on the computer all the time. I’ll be back!


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Just think how great it will be when its all done!
I’m not a cleaner either, meaning I don’t like to clean…lol! But there’s a lot of satisfaction not seeing dust bunnies or cobwebs. Good luck on the store.

Comment by Rosanne

Thanks Roseanne!
I’m really enjoying doing all this different stuff. Even if you work for an hour you can get something tangible done. Lots of progress in an eight hour day. Not so much the Facebook, but that’s ok for now. I’ll be sitting on my ass plenty once I’m open.

Comment by cathylybarger

Giggle…if they ain’t havin’ beer, it ain’t Wisconsin.

Comment by Jenn

Yeah, it’s a weird thing about the party–excessive liscensing is involved if they want to sell any food or beer so I think they’re just giving it away. Or maybe you can buy it at the liquor store and drink it on the street? I’m not really sure but I do agree that beer has to be there in some capacity.

Comment by cathy lybarger

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