Aardvark Art Glass

June 16, 2009, 5:21 pm
Filed under: Bloggidy Blog

I’m home now. I guess I have at least another day of really intensive store cleaning before I can get back to doing my job, such as it is. I roped my pal Patrick into helping me and we got a ton of stuff done today. Patrick cleaned so hard he broke my broom. For real. Tomorrow we’re taking down wood shelving in the office cave and putting up metro shelving to hold all of my lidless totes full of irregularly shaped objects. And sheets of glass. Metro shelving was just a drastic measure looming in the back of my mind last week when I moved the sheets of glass from the front of the store to the office. At that time, had I then considered that the consequence of moving the glass once would be that I would have to move it two more times before it was in it’s forever home, I probably would have just left it where it was and cleaned around it. Or maybe I would have locked the door and burned the building to the ground. It’s this lack of foresight on my part that really adds some hours onto even the simplest of projects. Window to my world, yo. And this is kind of large scale happening, too, so thank god for Patrick.

Anyhoozle, after we get this done, whenever that may be, I’ll be able to post some camping pictures and Etsy stuff. In the mean time I will be throwing things away so that I can make space for other things. Then I will move things to that space. Then, tomorrow, I will move everything back to almost exactly the same space that it was in before. But it will be on a new shelf that will hold twice as much stuff so it will be completely different and much better than it was before. Great will be my rejoycing.

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