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Lucky me
May 28, 2009, 1:43 pm
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 I needed something to transport my display stuff to Bead and Button so I bought a rockstar piece of luggage from the thrift store the other day. It’s an American Tourister that was designed for transporting suits or something–many are it’s pockets and compartments. Like almost everything in the world these days, it has wheels and a handle so you can drag it along behind you. Probably not the greatest shape for my needs but it’s big and hardly used and it was only ten dollars.

So last night when I was gutting it to make room for my junk I found a hard object wrapped up in tissue paper jammed into one of the compartments. Of course a brief thrill ensued as I wondered if maybe the object would turn out to be a diamond or gold or something. Though not of intrinsic value, I feel lucky to have found this in my suitcase. I’m going to carry it with me for a few days to see if it is indeed a lucky object.

Someone purchased this little resin apple ornament  at City Merchandise in New Yawk City. It cost $4.99. Half the price of my suitcase. What I find most intriguing about the find is that, if the price tag is correct, this apple was purchased and placed in the suitcase in 1990. That information brings me one step closer to ascertaining something that I’ve been wondering about for quite a while which is: What is the exact year in which people started putting wheels and handles on every damn thing?

Growing up I always borrowed my parent’s ancient Samsonite luggage which was  known for it’s durability rather than it’s beauty or portability. Samsonite commercials featured a real gorilla flinging the bags around a steel barred cage, not unlike a modern baggage handler. That was some tough, heavy luggage. Our luggage. Luggage we planned to carry proudly, strongly, with our muscular arms, in the event that we would ever go somewhere, which we never did. 

So, back to the wheels on luggage…I travel some now but I still feel like I missed something between the gorilla commercials and the backpack with a handle and wheels that was at the thrift store. Now I know, whatever it was it occurred pre-1990. The thrift store suitcase held all the answers.


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