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Cathy gots the sickness
May 12, 2009, 2:33 pm
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I caught that upper-respiratory thing that’s going around. Don has had it for eons. I just picked it up on Saturday. It makes me kind of tired and pissy and I’m coughing up some pretty nightmarish material. The sickness isn’t so bad that it keeps you from walking around outside potentially spreading it to other people. It’s a smart bug. I’m going to try and defy it by sitting around inside and not coughing.

Bla. Well, anyway, on Sunday me and Don went to our pal Miriam’s house and picked up a truckload of  hastas and ferns for the front yard. Ever since we bought the house, the top two pieces of unsolicited advice that strangers and loved ones alike have to offer us are 1) “You should sand and finish your wood floors” and 2) “You should plant hastas and ferns in your front yard.” Most people who have been here realize that nicing up the interior of the house would only cause inconvenience to and possibly guilt on our guests when, inevitably,  something nice got messed up. So we don’t do that. As far as the front yard goes, it is completely within our power to change it’s appearance. It does look a lot better than it did when we first moved in, but, since we don’t have any of the same neighbors that we did three years ago, no one really remembers that. They just know the yard is really barren and ugly now…and that we should plant hastas and ferns there.

So, long story short, our front yard is now full of little green plants that allegedly flourish in the shade and I am filled with an sense of accomplishment afforded to people who plant things and thus make their surroundings  prettier. Unfamiliar feeling! Nice one, though.

Well, that wasn’t a bad blog. But the yard was not my intended blog topic this day. The tidbit I really wanted to mention is dear to my heart because it involves the twin pleasures of talking about how the more carefully you plan something the less likely it is to stick and also how everything in the world is funner and more dangerous when it can be explained in the terms of a Deadliest Warrior episode. Ready? So, in addition to our shady plant assortment, our pal Miriam also provided me with some strawberry plants that were growing in her backyard. I can believe in and love plants that make strawberries. And Miriam’s plants have flowers on them which means they are going to make real strawberries in the very near future. Miriam is nice. So we have these valuable little plants but no tractor tire to plant them in because all of our tires are full of carefully thought out nightshades, legumes and roots, all of which I like decidedly less than strawberries. Rather than dig anything up, me and Don decided to just stick the strawberries in on top of  the radishes (which I only bought because the seed store was out of carrots and I needed a second root) and have a horticultural cage match inside the tractor tire. And so, the four crop rotation plan lasted…2 weeks, maybe, from conception to end? It is still a good plan, but I like horticultural cage match better. What’s funny is the radishes are coming up like crazy, like they noticed the strawberry and they want to mix it up. No sign of the beets, peas or beans. I should go get some squash seeds and stick them in the other tire just to see what happens. This is very fun for me. And I like squash better than beans.


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