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Happy Anniversary
April 29, 2009, 4:27 pm
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Another year, another wedding anniversary for me and Don. Seven years its been, already. No real crisis during that whole time though one was narrowly averted today when Don decided to cancel a music rehearsal that he had scheuduled for the same night and time as “Deadliest Warrior”.  That was a good decision. Not that I was super ticked off that he scheduled music practice on “Deadliest Warrior” night, and also our anniversary, for the show can be taped and we’re not real hung up on the anniversary thing. Had the practice gone on, though, I would have blogged about it leaving judgement of Don’s actions up to my heard of 18 loyal readers. But now the point is as moot as it is all good. Together on our anniversary we are  going to watch the Samurai kick the Viking’s ass  just like any other well-adjusted couple.

(I don’t know if you ever click on related blog articles but, in case you haven’t read it already, I’d like to direct your attention to an hilarious review of  DW on Brokey Mc Poverty’s blog. We both have unbridled enthusiasm for the show but she swears WAY more than I do.)


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Hmmmm…never heard of the Deadliest Warrior until now. I’m too busy trying to catch Fringe and Ghost Hunters. But I might take a peak at DW just for fun. Who needs reality TV? I like something with imagination..haha
Happy Anniversary to you and Don may you have many more.

Comment by Rosanne

Thanks, Roseanne!
DW is not for everyone but here’s why I like it:
1. It is unintentionally funny
2. It begins and ends in an hour and the show after it is of no interest to me. This is important because I do not promote watching the man channel for hours on end. No good could come from that.
3. The formed geletin body chopping reminds me of old timey horror movies I used to watch with my brother 20 years ago.
4. The show is attracting watchers so it may become a social event at our house. It is exceedingly rare that a television show has that kind of a draw.
5. Fun facts about warriors are learned–if not from the show, then from the people watching it.
6. I can blog about it.

What’s not to like?

Comment by cathylybarger

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