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my assignment
April 17, 2009, 3:03 pm
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My assignment today was to go back to the thrift store we visited yesterday and purchase this glass. Don was going to buy it yesterday but he got distracted by pants. Thank goodness it was still there. And it was only 25 cent! Our pal Sean has a condition called Beverage Amnesia. Maybe it’s more like Glass Amnesia–he can never remember which glass is his. We all have it from time to time but with him it’s pretty chronic. We want to help him. So this glass is perfect–it’s the only glass we have with a bright green Plymouth and the name “SEAN” emblazoned on it. SEAN!

I’ll wager that Sean the former owner was right handed and that the person who bought Sean this glass had the image screened on this side so that Sean could admire the green car while pounding back a few. Sean was probably an Irishman. Was that particular model of Plymouth Sean’s favorite vehicle? I bet it was. Maybe Sean the Irishman wasn’t doing too much driving anymore after, I don’t know…an OWI or something…so some wise acre in his family bought him a beer glass with a picture of his beloved Plymouth on it. That probably didn’t happen. If it had, knowing Sean the Irishman, this glass would have ended up getting smashed against the wall. But it did end up in a thrift store so Sean the Irishman must have grown weary of it at some point…or maybe he quit drinking so he could devote more time to his collectible car collection. Or maybe he passed away trying to save someone in a fire. The number of possible scenarios is limitless!

 I don’t know…this is a pretty great glass. I’d drink out of it in a second and my name isn’t even Sean. I hope new owner Sean likes it. Sure was priced right for surprise gift-giving.

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Nice find on the Sean glass! I hope new Sean gets to experience some of the fun that old Sean had with it, but ends up with better results than on a shelf at Goodwill.

Comment by Collectible Glass

Yup, Sean likes his glass…or at least he humors me by using it when he is here. It is always a score to find something anyone is remotely interested in that costs only 25 cent.

Comment by cathylybarger

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