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April 11, 2009, 4:13 pm
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I’m producing things. And it’s getting a little monotonous in here. But I have a growing bead pile to look at, which is nice. Yep. Bead pile. 53 days ’til Bead and Button. God, that’s a long time.

Meanwhile, in other news, people have been over playing music almost non stop this week. Before I forget to mention it, the boys have a show on Monday night 7-10pm at The Great Dane , 357 Price Place (Hilldale Mall) in Madison. That’s hows come all the practicing. Anyways, sometimes when I’m sitting around during practice I’ll make little movies with my little camera. Side note: Video making is a recent discovery for me. I knew my camera had the capability all along but what I did not know is how much information you can cram onto a 1 gig chip. (It’s 30 minutes, in case you weren’t aware.) I think that’s pretty damn amazing. Without a tripod it’s pretty shaky and if you want to zoom in and out you actually have to move the camera and unless you shoot in bright light the quality is pretty poor but really, how much do you expect from a $94 camera? It does film stuff.

So, after many, many minutes of video over the past month or so, last night I finally got a clip that was short and interesting enough to put on You Tube. Of course “interesting” is a matter of opinion. I remember from my experience with painted beads and Today’s Fortune that stuff I create with my pals in The Lost School of Madison is interesting only to us, which is fine, though, I think you people are missing out on something. This sort of thing is funnier when you’re drunk, but it is still funny. It is. And it’s only 37 seconds long. Here’s the clip.


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A compelling, driven and yes! even joyous example of the Woman with the Iron Ass musical clip genre. More musical compositions like this must be created for the generations to follow ours. This watershed clip needs to be put in a time capsule!
Plus, you know what?
It’s all “Save the Woman with the Iron Ass, Save the World!”
Well if you don’t know that… you should! Wow!

ps: yeah it is funny! and I hit five stars on it!

Comment by jean

Bless you,Jean. You always play my little games.

Comment by cathylybarger

I’m not sure what’s funnier. The video clip, or the related videos youtube puts up afterwards — the Praise the Lord VBS song and “Making Waterford Crystal”.
Praise the Lord! It’s the lady with the iron ass making Waterford crystal!

Comment by phil

True that about the related videos! I was just pointing out to Don yesterday that that the related videos were all about farting. I didn’t see the PTL and the crystal one. Too funny!

Comment by cathylybarger

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