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It’s pretty easy…
April 6, 2009, 4:08 pm
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to make a banana

look like a Narwahl

Now you try.

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Oh boy..I’ll never look at a banana the same again!
I eat a Narwahl a day, pretty soon the Peta people will be knocking on my door. Really, thanks for sharing, you make me laugh!

Comment by Rosanne

Thanks, Rosanne!
There’s a story behind this, of course. Because he is organized, Don had a little pile of things sitting on the table which he intended to take to work the next day. One of the things was a banana. As I am wont to do I drew an eye on the banana and a little thought cloud coming out of it. I noted it’s similarity to a Narwahl but, incredibly, I did not take a picture of it. It occured to me the next day that the episode was potential blog material but by then the banana was gone. That’s why I had to use a stock banana photo in my re-enactment.

I guess that’s not all that interesting a story. It’s true, though.

Comment by cathylybarger

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