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Towel Gallery
March 12, 2009, 12:25 pm
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Moving right along through the Mexico pictures…you know how I’m always “The  towel swan this, the towel swan that…” I think I posted maybe one towel swan last and from that you could not fully appreciate the greatness of the art of towel folding. For you, I documented all the towel art this year so, here we go.

First, as a juxtaposition, I’d like to show you an American toilet that was the Ladies room at a bar in Milwaukee. If you don’t know about me and the things I do, here’s the deal: I regularly photograph the interiors of Ladies rooms so I can show them to Don. Because it’s something I’ve seen that he hasn’t. Which makes perfect sense to me. Anyway, I photographed the toilet in this one because it looked like someone tried to repair it’s broken lid with packing tape. I didn’t think that was the best way to go about fixing it but I wanted to ask to make sure.

Also photographed in this bathroom was a poster for a pole dancing contest and the biggest, most industrial and scary looking condom dispenser I’ve ever seen. That was a rich bathroom, I tell you what. I’m glad I had to go when I did.

Meanwhile, here’s the bathroom in Mexico:

Note intact toilet lid and beautiful toilet paper rose. It’s just for show– don’t try to flush it.

Here’s a massive towel swan:

And a person…

And an elephant…

Don’t those rock? I didn’t see any sculpture with the incorporation of the washcloth and the multiple towels last year. Also, sometimes there were flowers on them:

That’s so wack! Good thing the revolution didn’t happen while we were there, am I right? I’m sure you were thinking the same thing.

Well, that’s it for towels. There’s still more pictures, though. Stay tuned for that.


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I had no idea that towels could be so entertaining. Thanks, I learned something today :O)

Comment by lavendercreek

Hey Teresa
In the right hands towels are not just entertaining but a powerful form of expression! Towel guy got a nice tip from us. We enjoyed his work.

Comment by cathylybarger

Wow those towels are fantastic! I got some pics on my blog from the cruise that we take every year. I loved coming in my room and seeing what would be on my bed next. I think your people are much more talented though.
And the towels are way prettier. You can bet my guests won’t get anything but over the rack folded towels.

Comment by Rosanne

I think we got special treatment towel and cleaning wise because we were in the same condo as the boss man. New animals every day we had. Last year, not so many.

I could see getting into towel oragami. The relative uselessness of the skill intregues me. Also, we have so few ammenities for guests that stay at our house, a swan on the couch or the floor might result in better tips.

Comment by cathylybarger

Towel origami. I’d like to know how they get things like swan necks and elephant trunks to stay up.
But why stop with swans & elephants? Why not towel iguanas or towel hedgehogs? Or bugs?
Towel scorpion, /that/ would be cool.

Comment by phil

I know! Aren’t they marvels? The trunks and stuff are folded on a diagonal with the edges rolling in really tightly. They just stay that way. Pretty cool, whoever thought that up.
I bet they could make a towel armadillo. Probably an iguana too, though, probably fewer people would want to find that on their pillow. Spindly bug legs would be tough.

Comment by cathylybarger

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