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the drinking mantis
March 9, 2009, 6:04 pm
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Here are some Mexico pictures. The trip is already fading from my memory so I figure I better post these before I forget why I took them.

This little bug is high on my list of favorite things. I saw a guy on the street in the shopping district making these out of palm leaves. Didn’t think much about them until Anya, one of the manager-types (as opposed to owner-types or brewer-types) in the group, brought one home to the condo. This is an incredibly clever design–it’s just folded leaves. No glue, no string, no nothing.

Here’s the underbelly:

That is slick as can be. I wondered if we were allowed to bring something like this home, then, when we were going through customs I heard one of the agents ask someone if they were holding any palm leaves. Based on that I assume you’re not supposed to bring these into the country. I don’t know for sure because the person that was being asked didn’t have any. If they had been holding I imagine that a siren would have sounded and a giant bell jar would have clapped down over them and their luggage. What would happen to them after that, I do not know. The bell jar was as far as I got along in that particular fantasy.

Sometimes when I’m out somewhere with Don I’ll express disdain for art or decorations that happen to be around. When this happens Don will ask me to explain in simple terms why that particular art or decoration upsets me so. I’m never sure if he wants me to do this because he cannot see what is wrong with the art or if he just likes watching me get all worked up over something. Probably both.

Anyway, when we were on Cozumel, I couldn’t help but notice these enormous, glitter-encrusted, fiberglass statues that lined the entire town. Most were sea-life, most had hats and some were playing musical instruments. Some of them were missing patches of glitter which gave them a mangy-looking appearance and a few were completely bald. There were maybe a dozen or so different statue forms that were used over and over. They were everywhere! You literally could not look out at the ocean without seeing one or more of them.

That was my main beef with the statues–I think the ocean is really pretty and I wanted to look at it without swordfish playing an electric guitar in my line of vision. Of course, we were there during Carnival so I guess, during that time, everyone’s glitter content is a little higher. And everyone’s glitter tolerance should be a little higher, too.

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I too much prefer the simple mantis to the sculptures, which seem like Mexico’s answer to the cow project, which was cooler, somehow!

Comment by Miriam

It is kind of like that cow thing, except the cow thing was awesome. So fiberglass sculptures are not bad in and of themselves and glitter is not bad in and of themselves–it’s the sheer quantity of both that gave me fits.

Comment by cathylybarger

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