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more things about mexico
March 5, 2009, 5:07 pm
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Know what does not travel well, particularly to lands with humid climates? Delicious Wasabi peas. They are a fave of mine and I didn’t think I could get them in Mexico so I brought some from the United States. Knowing what I know now, I’ll wager that the reason you can’t find them in Mexico is that they simply do not do well in that climate. If you leave the bag open the pea’s seemingly impervious exterior gets really sticky. I think it undergoes a chemical change of some kind–I’ve never seen peas do that in the US. Anyway, that’s just a travel tip for you–save room in you bag by leaving the peas at home. There are other snacks.

Another valuable tip: Bring some Purell and have it with you  always. It’s a not-so-delicious irony that the finger food capital of the world is also one of the more difficult places to keep your hands clean. Primarily working against you is that rule about not throwing your toilet tissue into the bowl. In Mexico, due to extremely low water pressure, you can’t flush toilet paper down the toilet-you have to throw it away in the trash can. Two clear and present germ threats arise from this scenario: 1) You tend to use less toilet paper and 2) There’s that occasional “I think I can snatch that accidentally thrown away toilet paper out of the bowl before it hits the water” thing. Washing your hands with non-drinkable water after either of these events will not leave you with any peace of mind–especially if you’re in a restaurant and you’re coming back to a plate of fajitas. You’ll find that you’re much more willing to roll the dice with something like this if you’ve had enough colorful drinks to make a knife and fork seem like way too much trouble. Colorful drinks are another clear and present danger–I’m surprised I didn’t get sicker on this trip.

Anyway, those are my travel tips. Both of them. Hope they help.


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awesome. especially the depiction of saving the last minute tp.

Comment by Miriam

Yeah, that happened from time to time. Not so much at the public places but for sure at the condo where, should a plugged pipe occur, it would be pretty obvious who was to blame. Plugging up other people’s plumbing is very bad form. I’m not on of those “mitten people” who uses a ton of toilet paper per episode but I did not want to take any chances.

Comment by cathylybarger

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