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March 3, 2009, 3:58 pm
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I haven’t been at work much lately. It has been unseasonably cold and I’ve kind of got my fill of blogging and dinking around on the computer in lieu of producing things. Writing is fun and all but after a while, like, after several months, it gets to me. There’s a warm up coming so I don’t expect that this will be a problem for too much longer but, boy, I’ve been digging for stuff to do the past few days.

I guess, if most people had time on their hands, they would fix things on their houses or something like that. I don’t want to discourage anyone from participating in such a worthwhile activity by talking about this but, the number of times in the past three years that I’ve said “I’m glad we fixed that” is out weighed tremendously by the number of times I’ve said “Boy, I sure am glad we didn’t fix or paint or drywall over that.” Case in point: Kitchen ceiling. Rain from the haunted toilet in the upstairs bathroom came through the kitchen last week. Quite a lot, actually, when you flushed it. It took me an inordinate amount of time to figure out what was going on there. Once I did I spent an equally inordinate amount of time heartily congratulating myself for not pushing for a new ceiling to cover the large plywood rectangle that was temporarily installed over a hole in the ceiling after the last major plumbing event in ’07. A new ceiling would have been damaged, and that would have sucked. Killed a whole day doing that, I did.

Yesterday I went to work with Don in the brewery. That was weird but I’d totally do it again ’cause he’s got a lot of varied activities going on and it beats sitting around at the shop. To the unaccustomed outsider, “varied activity” is interesting and novel. It’s probably something else entirely when it’s part of your job description. So we did various things all day. I learned that threads on wood screws are spaced farther apart than the ones used on metal and that Sundays don’t count toward the fourty days of Lent. Before 1pm I learned both of those things. Yup.

Since the Dane is located about 25 feet from an ACE Hardware store and everybody needs hardware all the time I got to visit there twice. On one trip  atop a clearance pile I discovered what is probably the ugliest clock I’ve ever seen–it was cast resin and had a cat theme; a ball of resin yarn for the clock face and three resin cats at the top doing the “hear no evil, speak no evil…” thing. It’s atrocious. Even though it’s pretty big and heavy I’m thinking about buying it so I can wear it to a party I’ve been invited to that has a “bad taste” theme. I guess it’s supposed to be bad taste as it relates to clothing but, you know, something embarrassing is going to happen if you rely on me to define bad taste in clothing for anyone. Clocks are more cut and dried. So are lamps but those are harder to wear. We need a clock for our kitchen anyway. And it’s on sale.


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you have a haunted toilet? I just analyzed a dream from a person in a foreign country about a scary toilet. If your toilet is scary as well as haunted, email me!

xox jean!

Comment by Jean Yates

No scary toilet here! Humans form fears around toilets probably earlier than any other common household object, don’t they? Toilets and drains are scary when you’re a kid. Some adults are afraid of them too. I hope your friend works through it!

Comment by cathylybarger

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