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February 27, 2009, 3:58 pm
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I’ve been going through pictures and thinking things about them that I did not think at the time that I took them. One such example is this picture of a peacock that was running around this beach bar type area that was on the island of Cozumel.

This particular beach is free and is part of Chankanaab National Park, which is huge. I believe this beach is one of few places with walk-in snorkling (as opposed to having to rent a boat to see the fish). From the shore all you see are tourist heads and butts and snorkles bobbing around but if you look under the water there’s fish. And the fish just watch you back. It’s a trip. The ones I saw were orbiting a little clump of reef or rock that was in the middle of this area with all kinds of people in it. I could take a page from those fish as they have better people coping skills than I do.

But back to the peacocks. They were kind of enchanting. It’s a pretty remarkable thing to see live birds wandering around a bar. I think there were 3 males and 3 females and also a very handsome rooster. I mean it about that rooster–he was beautiful. He could be a show bird. So someone is taking really good care of these animals, which takes time. And, you know what’s coming next–I would think someone has to be on poop detail with these guys. People do not want to see poop where they are eating and drinking. And I saw no poop-the little wooden sidewalks were pristine. Maybe they go in the sand or the underbrush and it just disappears but, at least seven large birds and hundreds of barefoot tourists with barefoot kids playing in the sand? I don’t know…birds poop a lot. If it was my beach I’d probably say “We got the ocean, we got the weather, we got the drinks…maybe live peacocks amongst the guests is gilding the lily a little.”

Of course, my feelings stem from my own experience of iguana ownership in the public-type setting of my store. Keeping secret from customers the  unpredictable and explosive bowel movements of two adult iguanas was a full time job. Because people do not want to see or smell iguana poop when they shop. They were a big hit with most customers but I don’t think I’d let them jump up on top of a tiki-hut-like umbrella under which people were dining without a lot of trepidation.

So, anyway, thanks for the peacocks, Cozumel. They were a nice touch.

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At first glance, that looks like a miniature christmas tree in the snow.
Maybe that’s the idea — confuse the turistas and sell more drinks.

Comment by phil

The resort we stayed at in Cozumel had peacocks too and I don’t remember seeing any poop either, or any type of lizard poop even though there were plenty of them everywhere. Your blog is a hoot!

Comment by Terri

Hey Phil-
Those peafowl were some fast birds, I tell you what. Probably evading curious children and drunk people wallowing thru the sand. That was the best shot I got of one.

Hey Terri
There’s more behind the scenes cleaning going on than we’re aware of, I think. I still think it’s pretty exotic to have live peacocks in your joint but I guess in Cozumel having them is just keeping up with the Jonses–lots of hotels have them in gardens, from what I’ve read.
I saw some doo in Tulum but not much–I bet we saw 50 iguanas there. I think it just blends in with the ruins.
Thanks for commenting, guys!

Comment by cathylybarger

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