Aardvark Art Glass

is it lent yet?
February 25, 2009, 3:34 pm
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I sure hope so. I need to knock off this assault on my internal organs but soon. The event at the Dane with the blessing and the drinking and the crayfish went very well. They have drunken people entertainment down to a science. Don got to wear a fez and play accordion. Downstairs in the Dane’s brewery area I found a sign that kind of sums up how I feel since I got back:

Like that guy–sleepy with detached head. Also, last night I think somebody spilled beer in my coat pocket. So I’m kind of sticky, too.

I’ve  got this nagging feeling that my time today might be better spent at home paying bills and cleaning. I’ve heard stories about people who clean their houses before they go on vacation so that they don’t have to do it when they get back. That sounds like a smart thing to do but it’s not how I roll. I figure, what if, for some reason you didn’t come home? You would have cleaned your house for nothing, that’s what. Think about it.

About the only thing I’ve accomplished since I got back is put a new Lost School t-shirt design in the Cafe Press store. Here’s what’s on it:

In case you can’t make out the text it says “Think of an earlier incident in which drawing an e-meter you suddenly felt loagey…” (“Logy” is mispelled. That’s just Bob’s way.)  It’s a Scientology reference. Bob Foster drew it. Did I ever tell you Bob was once into Scientology? He was. Because he liked a girl who was into it, of course.  So, back in the 70’s, Bob sold books for L. Ron Hubbard door to door in exchange for auditing. He escaped the fold, though not before learning an awful lot about Scientology–knowledge he shares freely with little encouragement from others. He recently donated his Scientology books to the Lost School library that is our house:

He doesn’t want them anymore. Our gain.

But back to the t-shirt design. I found that doodle in a notebook from about three years ago. Don and I are quite taken with it. I’m taken with everything we do, though, regardless of commercial viability (or the lack there of, which is usually the case). I ordered up shirts for the band and for people who watched or animals and our junk while we were out of town. Now that we have matching shirts we can form a soft ball team or a gang. Or just look stupid.

I’m going to get to work on the Mexico pictures soon. Right now I got stuff to do, I think.


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