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jell-o: miracle food! wonder of science!
February 8, 2009, 11:53 pm
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You know what I would like to experience anew as an adult? Jello. I was just picking at a bowl of black cherry jello and thinking about that. If Jello had been invented, like, last week or something I don’t think I’d be able to concentrate on anything else. It’s kind of amazing that you can eat something that looks so un-food like and it won’t hurt you. Gummy bears are like that too. I guess I’ve always liked food that is squishy and colored like glass. (At this point in the blog, just to clarify something you might be wondering…I’d like to point out that I don’t smoke weed–my brain just thinks like this naturally. Naturally and all of the time. It’s a blessing and a curse.)

So, anyway, I was thinking about Jello this evening and wondering if there was anyone alive today who could remember when Jello first came out. Maybe they would have some mind-blowing story about how it changed their life and their perception of food–I know I would.  Sadly, Jello was invented a REALLY long time ago so there’s hardly a soul in this country with a pre-Jello memory (which, when you think about it,  is mind-blowing in itself). I’m basing that assumption on  this document I found called “The  History of Jello“. Yup. By 1906, 103 years ago, already a million dollars worth of Jello had been sold. Damn, that’s a lot of Jello.

Extremely funny side note: Did you see?  Frank Woodward, the school drop out who bought the rights to Jello, also marketed several patented medicines one of which was called “Raccoon Corn Plasters”. I get the “corn plaster” part but “raccoon” is a mystery. Sounds like a great name for either a kid’s cereal or a band–not a medicine, though. He also sold a coffee substitute product called “Grain-O” which is such a perfect name for home made liquor it makes me want to set up a still. ‘Cause it rhymes with “Drain-O”, too, which is kind of how home made liquor works on your system. That’s awesome. I’m glad I thought about Jello today.


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What a co-inkeydink! I just saw a movie in the last week that had some woman who made jello for her family for the first time. Some old western movie in black/white and the kid and dad were really reluctant to try it. I wish I knew what the title of that movie was. My Don was channel surfing, like he always does (arghhh), and I only saw that little snippet. They did try it, made faces and then declared it good. It made me think, too. How weird would it be to try it as an unknown quantity. I wonder if I would have given it a go???

Comment by Karen Rorek

Yeah, I think you’d have to be an adult to appreciate the full spectrum of strangeness that Jello brings to the table. Kids are like sharks—they’ll eat anything without thinking. Jello is just a very strange thing to eat, isn’t it? We should be hard wired against eating something that looks like that but we’ve been eating so many artificial things for so long that Jello now seems pretty normal. Pedestrian, even. I appreciate it’s freakyness, though.

I shall endeavor to track down a western with a jello reference in it. That sounds like a fun project. We may even own it already because western is the genre of choice in our household. Thanks for the comment, Karen!

Comment by cathylybarger

You do know this is National Jell-o Week, yes?

Comment by phil

Shut it! Is it really? (this is the sound of me trying to open another window on the ‘puter to confirm your comment. Damn thing won’t let me open one so I guess I’ll have to take your word for it.)That’s awesome news! Jello deserves a week…and maybe a parade too! Wow. How cheeky the universe is sometimes.

Comment by cathylybarger

Well, I hope I’m right. A Jello parade! Just imagine: giant, helium-filled Jello balloons wobbling over the crowd.
Hmmm … something to think of for Art in the Square this summer.

Comment by phil

Also there could be a jello queen waving to the well-wishers wearing an elegant jello gown that’s transparent save for a few strategically placed fruit cocktail clusters and a satin sash. That would be classy! Unless there was some kind of a prominent UW professor jello art expert on the jury AFOTS would never go for anything that funny. Like many good things it would be poo-pooed and sent a polite rejection letter. But don’t let that stop you from sending in some slides.

Comment by cathylybarger

Gelatin slides?

Hm … a Lost School project? I’d like to see the Jello gown.

Comment by phil

Gelatin slides or slides of gelatin–either way it sounds like a new, unpopular mixed media category.

I’m down with the idea of a jello gown even though it would be really cold and heavy. Engineering and some kind of a wire matrix would be necessary. Beyond me, all that. One day though, a gelatin engineer could wander into our blessed trap and change everything. Keep hope alive!

Comment by cathylybarger

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