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I should have bought stock
February 6, 2009, 4:17 pm
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in individually wrapped prunes when I had the chance. I ranted about these back when Sunsweet first decided to give prunes a makeover by wrapping them individually and calling them “dried plums”. Individually packaging things that you have to eat a whole bunch of to achieve a desired effect is NOT a good idea. And yet, well, go look at their website. Over a quarter of a million prunes unwrapped every day. See the counter? See it move every time someone throws away a prune wrapper? I’m trying to not take random things I encounter as personal affronts to me but I’m having a hard time with this one.  I told everyone specifically not to buy these! Individually wrapped prunes are not more convenient! The unwrapping is a time suck and it’s bad for the environment! Prunes inside a large bag can be eaten more quickly and with one hand! You can even drive and eat them, if you want. Now stop buying these!

Meanwhile, in other wildly successful advertising campaigns…Don saw that commercial for an I Phone, the one where they show the ap that has the carpenter’s level on it. I’m not going to say he wants an I Phone now but suddenly he is very interested in seeing one of those levels in real life. And previously, he did not give a rat’s ass about anything the I Phone had to offer. They got some smart monkeys working in Apple’s advertising department, I tell you what. Sucked that white, 45 year old, blue collar demographic right in.

Hey! Also, my cyber-hero Jim Sheely has a rare piece up for sale on Ebay–the Teratoma Kid. “Teratoma” means “Tumor”. Word-o-the day. That would make a dandy Valentine’s Day present for some lucky gal. Hint hint, Don.


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