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Which one is poop?
February 2, 2009, 9:07 pm
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The top picture is not poop. It’s just an interesting-looking pile of caulk that I found in an under-construction area  where Don works. Nice lighting, huh? It was late afternoon.

The second picture is of a little bookmade out of paper that was made out of elephant poop. So that one is poop. Isn’t that novel?  Are you surprised? Probably not. I was, but then again, I’m easily surprised. Elephant poo paper is really nice stuff–it’s thick and it comes in a multitude of colors. And when you buy it, your purchase helps the elephants. The fact that this is made out of poop is enough to make me want to buy it, but it’s very high quality paper, too. So there you go. A more worthwhile product you will not find. Thanks you for playing “Which One Is Poop?”

Hmmm…there’s still time to kill before going home. Well, here’s something–last night I was looking around for my Spanish dictionary and I found a rather large acorn squash in my backpack. Surprise! That is hands down the largest object that I’ve unwittingly carried around with me for a week…or maybe two. I do remember purchasing it and then wondering what happened to it shortly there after. I don’t know…I guess I just wasn’t hungry enough for squash to focus on the task at hand. To my credit, the back pack is quite large and the squash ended up being filed away in a seldom-used compartment. And, when I left the co-op the backpack had about ten pounds of apples and carrots in it so it felt empty after I dumped all of that stuff out of it.  So it could have happened to anyone, is what I’m saying. I still don’t know where my dictionary is, though. I can’t believe I still need a Spanish dictionary in order to translate the Spanish “Ziggy” cartoon that’s in “The Onion” each week. I really need help.


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Just FYI, you do NOT need your Spanish dictionary to translate a block of text like the Ziggy cartoon, all you need to do is go to: http://babelfish.yahoo.com/ and type in your text for translation, pick the from-to languages for it, and voila! 🙂 (I’m lazy and that’s MY solution for cryptic remarks in other languages…) 😉

You’re lucky that was an acorn squash (i.e., they keep pretty well…) I lost some fruit in a reusable bag, buried in the layers of formation in our car trunk, and THOSE shrivel and get MOLDY! (bleaugh!) 😛


Comment by Annie :)

Hey Annie
Your comment got stuck in my spam folder-sorry about that! I’ve heard of babelfish but I’ve never tried it. I will give it a go. The thing about Ziggy that sometimes throws me off is that inanimate objects talk in it. That throws me off. I did find my dictionary last night, though, so I’m back on track.

I lost a banana in a pile of paperwork on top of my futon at the shop. Smell tipped me off on that one. I’m pretty sure I took a picture of it and blogged about it though it may have gotten deleted. Sometimes I weed through stuff and banana story may not have made the cut. Anyway, fruit misplacement is probably much more of an issue in a warm climate such as yours. Things can go unnoticed for a lot longer here. Yup!

ps. I ate the squash. It was tasty.

Comment by cathylybarger

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