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I finally got to see the Nixon movie. I like movies about presidents generally and ones about Nixon especially. Me and Don saw Oliver Stone’s “Nixon” on our first date in 1995. That was not a great film, but, some pretty choice lines were delivered  so we got our money’s worth.  Knowing Nixon’s penchant for swearing I bet Don that,  during the course of Frost/Nixon, Nixon would refer to David Frost as a “cocksucker”. (Spoiler alert: There was some blue language in the movie but at no point did Nixon refer to David Frost as a “cocksucker”.) So I lost the bet. But that was a very engaging movie, the Frost/Nixon. I recommend it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot–I have this huge, multi-legged bug up my ass about theaters playing commercials before movies come on. A lot of times the movies we want to see are playing at the spendy Sundance Cinemas, which is conveniently located right next to where Don works. There you pay a $2.00 premium in order to not see commercials before the feature presentation, which seemed expensive at one time. Nixon/Frost was not playing at Sundance so before the movie came on we had to sit through about 10 minutes of commercials including  a pretty long music video for the National Guard which starred Kid Rock and the ass-kicking sounds that come out of him. That was an affront–and also a really weird thing to see before Frost/Nixon-kind of an old crowd. I would have so paid $2.00 to unsee that.

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