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I was watching the garbage gentlemen work this morning and thinking how the robot garbage collection system doesn’t work so well when the giant snowbanks are in the way. It would work much better, I thought, if the garbage trucks were hovercrafts–then they could hover over the snowbanks and reach the cans on the sidewalk. Then I thought I should come up with 30 or so ideas just like that one and mail them, one a day, to the Mayor’s office. That would help the winter pass. Then I started wondering about how hovercraft work–is it magnets, or air or what? Cause a hovercraft garbage truck powered by magnets would probably take out every magnet sensitive object within a mile radius as it drove by. Then my thoughts turned to TV and how I accidentally de-magnetized the screen on our old timey one by placing two guitar amps right under it. The screen grew more and more purple until I asked Don “Those amps don’t have magnets in them, do they?” That was funny. Fortunately we had a back up old timey TV. Then I started thinking about new TV’s and that high definition switch that’s supposed to be happening. What happened with that, anyway? I couldn’t go a day without hearing about that until about a month ago. It hasn’t happened yet, has it? Or have people just stopped talking about it because Christmas is over and no ones likely to buy a new TV in this economy? I wonder about that.

But, anyway…I drew something the other day:

Ever wonder what breweries do with all the spent grain they have left over from brewing batches of beer? Of course you haven’t–that’s why I’m going to tell you all about it. Whenever Don has multiple, multiple garbage cans full of spent grain this guy, Arlan, a sheep farmer, comes and picks it up in his pick-up. He feeds the grain to his sheep. Sheep like grain. Anyway, after years of abuse hauling very heavy loads, Arlan’s white Isuzu pick-up sort of expectedly, unexpectedly took a shit. In the wake of the truck’s passing, Don must have sensed some regret or remorse or something radiating off of Arlan because he felt compelled to ask me to draw up a nice condolence card for him. As you can see it’s a picture of a sheep sniffing a dead white pick-up with flies flying around it. Killed at least four hours drawing that. Made me feel uncharacteristically useful, actually. Thought I’d share.


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It’s Feb. 17, 2009 for the digital TV switch thing. We have cable so I’m not sweating it. Though I wonder if there’s an old tv somewhere in the attic/garage that will turn into a doorstop on the 18th????

Love the condolence card! I didn’t realize you were so good at drawing!!

Comment by Karen Rorek

Feb. 17, got it! We have dish. Our tv is 11 years old though. God only knows what would happen if I went without my Adult Swim cartoons.Probably read or talk to Don. Yikes!

I will draw on demand if someone demands it. Hardly anyone ever does, though. Drawing doesn’t require ventilation so it’s a good wintertime activity.

Comment by cathylybarger

I’ll be honest, I thought you could draw — I’m thinking of your beads.
But…just to relieve your magnet worries, hovercraft work by blowing air downwards inside a skirt. Can’t get more than a few feet off the ground.
But hovercraft garbage trucks would be cool, especially in fall, after people have raked leaves into piles. What would the squirrels think?

Comment by phil

Well, of course my first choice of garbage truck shape would be like the aliens in “Independence Day”. (sweet!)I think I mentioned that before. I guess that makes two letters I have to write to Mayor Dave.

My trains of thought are never fact-checked. I must have been mixing up my PBS specials with the hovercraft locomotion ideas. I do remember seeing a levitating magnet racing around a little track on some show.

Hovercraft garbage truck in the fall would be great. The city totally drags their feet with the leaf-collecting. That would learn ’em. Probably scare the shit out of the squirrels.

Comment by cathylybarger

I nominated you for the lemonade award. 🙂

Comment by DChase

Hey Deanne and Greg!
Are you gadding about the country enjoying the low gas prices? I hope so.
Thanks for the award but, TEN blogs? Will not the majesty and prestige of the Lemonade Award be somehow diminished if everybody gets one? You got Lori and JC so that’s about two-thirds of the blogs I read. I’ll see what I can do…
Nice to hear from you guys!

Comment by cathylybarger

Hey Cathy! We gave up the rv thing about a year and a half ago. We bought a house in Southeast Louisiana and have a nice little studio now. After 4 1/2 years it was time. 🙂 I only did seven blogs…nominate some if you like or none at all. You still deserve the award. 🙂

Comment by DChase

Hey Deanne
At least you’ve settled someplace warm, it sound like. I can still live vicariously through you. Your comment inspired me to go look for my “Fucktard” murrine that I bought from Greg some time ago. I still have it! You guys are so silly. That’s one of the weirdest glass things I own.

Thanks for the award! Any virtual pats on the head are welcome.

Comment by cathylybarger

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